Help, I'm easily get mad and irritated

Help, I’m easily get angry at something without any reason to be angry at all. My friends are avoiding me because of my behaviour. I get easily irritated at something. I’m restless right now, please help me. Any advice will do.


I think it’s because of the heat in your body and for this type of behavior people usually suggest cold shower and drinking lots of fluid. And if you are in you’re first phase of no fap…it is normal and you should focus on Improving your skills. We all are with you in this journey bro. :reminder_ribbon:
And start writing a diary to share you daily thoughts and it will definitely help you to release the heat from your body.
Have a good day. :+1:

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Transmute that energy, when you’re angry do some pushups or run, when anxiety hits, talk to someone without being judgemental or write it town whatever comes in your mind.

Completely avoid spicy and sour food, sauna, excessive workouts and ideally use ghee in your meals instead of other oils, also drink sweet hot cow milk with white sugar 2h before sleep… And meditate every day, chant mahamantra for example at least for 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed with the results.
If you’ll stop eating meat and fish, this alone gives very strong and fast results from my experience.

Send me your mail i will help

I’m doing no fap for 6 days already. :grin::blush:

Hey @Martin01319,

This is quite normal. At times we are very emotional too. It is a small side effect of nofap.


Well, sadly it is all to do with your hormones. With you fapping hormonal imbalances are starting to happen as some of your hormones which are at a high level such as dopemine and other “happy hormones” slowly decrease when you stop fapping.

So often you’ll get more stress hormones released too as the lower your body is in a happy state due to the hormones you may get more anxious or sad as the stress hormones increase quicker and doesn’t get countered by happy hormones.

Also the agressive behavior well comes from our Testosterone levels increasing too. Well it is equal like steriods as some steriods are a form of anibolic Testosterone (fake testosterone), but it contribute to or male attributes.

That’s why steriod guys are angry it is a slight effect as these steriods boost male attributes and we as with this boost of testosterone naturally or injected makes us agressive, because we as revert kinda to animals one being dominant than the other so in other words showing we are the boss and stronger then the others to get the female.

Well sadly you can’t control your body in changing it as it will balance it out at a point when you get a higher streak. The other option is not really worth mention as it would mean to relapse. To be normal again… So this is a withdrawal symptom of your body wanting it.

Mood swings does occur in nofap. The thing you can do about it is to have a normal punching bag or even a stress/tennis ball.

Not to throw the guy with the balls but here is what you can do. Since the balls are compact :rofl::smirk: punny. Anyways to serious business squeeze that stress ball as hard as you can. And hold and talk to someone normally. All the agressive behavior will be focused on the ball. Shouldn’t it feel so stop talking and don’t react too quick.

You could also squeeze and release real quick till you calm down.

If you are able to spar with a punching bag and don’t hold back release all your anger on the bag once. Kick and hit it fast and hard. Or kick scream and go in guns(arms) blazing like ya mean to kill the bag.

(No puching bags was hurt to give this advice)

Counting to 10 slowly when angry also works .
Also slow down your breathing. As sometimes some people in an agressive state breathes strongly in exhales (hard blowing sounds through the teeth to be threatening) and give small inhales.

Slow and deep inhales and exhales ( in through the nose out through the mouth will calm you down.)

Also to come across less agressive change your body in the way you stand. As body
Language is important. Don’t pump out your chest or ball your hands into a fist. Rather lower your shoulders put your hands in your pockets and or do your chilled bar pose . This will also calm you down and look far less agressive . Also your tone of voice. Speak calmly and clear. Don’t raise your voice or shout. Just talk in a chilled manner and avoid cussing as often when speaking as you could be agressive obviously when offending with cussing. Altogether avoid offending people.

As for irritation well earphones is the best invention and luckly we don’t have to listen to everyone all the time. Also you can remove yourself from a irritable situation.

Last but not least this could just be a normal sign from your body that you don’t get enough or sufficient sleep. I know I get grumpy or irretated very quickly even during the day if I didn’t have enough sleep. I don’t know if this might be applicable, but having too much sugars or caffeine can also create this effect of being irretated quicker. I know you get the shivers and is hyper active and with your senses all tingly like that in that hyper state might cause quick irritation.

Hope this helps you! Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!