HELP....if you want

is it possible to get rid of this evil?
im going through very diificult situation
i cant enjoy life ,everything seems useless,i dont want to do anything .i cant pray by heart.
a life full of unknown fears.i want to cry but i cant.i want to laugh but i cant.
2 years ago when i joined this forum in 2018 .
i was far better than today.but now it feels like broken inside .
what to do i dont know…


Why didn’t you tried to improve in these two years? What stopped you to work toward nofap?

What is your highest streak

tried alot.
stress was the main path to relapse

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54 was highest last year

So u know the cause of your relapse, you should focus on not stressing

It sure is possible, don’t force yourself, don’t be anxious for days to pass by, just relax and take it one day at a time. Don’t think about not fapping tommorow or the day after. Be present and conquer today. Small and consistent step leads you to great heights.


Yes when you will try to stop there will come lot of obstruction in the path. Stress, anxiety, pain. But you have to endure it. I guess that’s the only way to conquer the addiction. In time you will get mentally stronger. Watch this video.


How did you achieve this, its a good streak

My highest is 21days, I have reached 21days again for the second time after spending 7months in this app, but i have improved a lot and trying to learn from mistakes, there was a time when for months I could not cross even 1day

But in sha allah now I am not looking back

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If you are stressed, just be with it. Don’t react to your stress by acting compulsively. I know stress is uncomfortable. Stay with the discomfort. Get your attention to your body when you are stressed. Just observe how the stress feels within the body. Don’t view stress as either good or bad, just sit and observe. It will eventually fade away.

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those were busiest days ,studying for exams and praying but i was not working out that was the biggest mistake .
and relapsed when i watched movies,you know theres a lot of urging content that lead to porn and then relapse.

my first ever streak was 45 days in 2018.
that was awesome streak ,i worked out ,prayed and study regularly .i was so much motivated . but yiu know after repeated failures motivation also breaks i cant find motivation .perhaps ive lost trust in nofap or ive accepted pmo as a part of life.

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You are 100percent true here

It has been almost 7 to 8 months when I stopped games and movies series anime and all the virtual entertainment, it is a waste of time brother, I know it is tough being at home during this lockdown, but find new hobbies like reading books and working out, do chores at home, cleaning the house and also try helping mom with cooking once In a while

These things will help you,

Yes the motivation breaks and it’s almost impossible to gain that courage back, but it is still possible, we just need to put extra effort, remember the effort we put to find just the right video, we get up from bed if we don’t find an appropriate place to fap, but we make effort, we would do that for nofap too if we truly 100%hate pmo and it’s industry

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