Help i need advice

I have this idiotic habit of masturbating at afternoon bcuz my mom wont be home at that time(im only 15 yrs old).I get this huge urge and i cant stop myself i rationalize myself and even if i try to study i cant.I ve been fappind daily 2 times for 20 days need help.

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It takes willpower both to overcome urge and study at same time. So study something easy to be busy. Or Dont study if it is impossible to. Just pass that specific time. Do what you like for non triggering entertainment. Read a book. Talk to friends. Meditate. Cold showers. Play outside. Etc etc

Every problem has a solution if you really wanna solve it.

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Stay away from social media and movies etc during this time.

Thanks ill do my best

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One of the things I’ve found constant when it comes to people that are able to abstain from pleasure it’s this. (and I mean in everything, not just nofap)
People who are able to abstain aren’t able to abstain because they have so much willpower they can just say no to everything all the time. They can abstain because they know themselves, and they know they don’t have the willpower to abstain when they are handed what is tempting them. So, people who can abstain know when they will not be able to and account for that and avoid a situation where they will need to use that willpower.
So after all that, here’s my advice. Don’t fight pmo by facing it head on in a battle of will vs. Desire, be a ninja, sneak, lie, and cheat (only to yourself and your desire to fap and watch porn) your way around it. Don’t come face to face with that desire (you will most likely lose). Avoid it at all cost and use the energy you would use fighting it to do something productive.

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This is very dangerous. Now you are young so you can do this but believe me if you continued this type of habit “impossible to explain what will happen with you”" Stop this bro… Now you have time… Otherwise at age 17 you can’t run 1 km properly. You can’t memorize 2 pages of any book. You can’t talk with any girls. And also you can’t sleep in the night…


Yes totally agreed. You are young now. Get rid of this habit now bro. Otherwise it’ll consume your life. I also knew about nofap at 15 but I didn’t do it seriously. Now Iam 20 and became extremely addicted to pmo. Had PIED, depression, anxiety and all kinds negative effects of it.
Stop is somehow. Seek help from this community. Read YBOP site. Do it somehow. It is the only way, only option!

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maintain journal and write down all the effect of this habbit…question yourself till u realize this is the root cause for ur problems…than plan…planning is very imp…than include all the good habits like meditation excersise and listening to music u like slowly into ur routine…give urself time…than start challenging urself to nofap…try to control the urges…I am sure this will atleast help u abit

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