Help, I am losing myself!

I am a dead man
I have been fighting for half a year now, and I absolutely gave in to every addiction I know.Thjs was too hard for me, everytime I tell myself I have to change, now I dont even know what to tell myself, am out of hope. I feel like this addiction will bury me forever. You cant unsee what have been seen, the only thing I believe now is porn is here to stay, its impossible to let go for me.
This app used to help me hit 20 days, now its like my brain got desensetized and it no longer helps me
Any suggestions?


stop whining like a little bitch. suck it up and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. be fucking responsible for what you do. who the fuck you think you are? you are not man, pal. not a great one for sure. but you have potential. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS!


Hello, your journey sounds hard. I can understand the feelings you have, the shame the guilt and the incapacity you think you have.

Still, you can see it, and this is the first step. As long as you believe that you can’t , well yes, you will not be able to stop it.
You are dead inside, you feel losing yourself, yes ok but… you are still living and you can still move.
As long as you can move, you can do something about everything.

[quote=“WarriorNS, post:1, topic:13614, full:true”]
I feel like this addiction will bury me forever.[/quote]

“This addiction” , or maybe … the guy who is making you see this and… it is … you ?
It’s not an accusation but it’s and interesting thing to know that YOU are the one who’s doing it, you can stop as long as it’sy ou, it’s not an external thing on which you have no power.

What has been seen can not be seen, and what has been done can not be undone, yes. That’s a bit painful to know at first but… there is only one choice to do : You let yourself killed by what has been done or you try something else and live with this.

I don’t know what you are living to give in every addiction , but you have to try step by step.

I just want to say that only YOU can give you hope, beat this addiction or save you and nobody else.
There is no hope when you say there is no more of it.
Just do and see what happens ?

Good luck.


Don’t start with the darkness and existential.

Get clean before making any conclusions.
Yesterday and tomorrow live in the mind.
Live in the Now. Slow down. Stop. Let go.

And always try some things slowly.

If I said “ah NoPMO is a piece of cake”
quickly people would come and say
“but life is such and such…”
“Things aren’t so straightforward”
“if it were easy why am I here then?"

Your life has nothing to do whether you PMO or not.

Decisions ARE straightforward.
You either make them or you don’t.

Why are you here?
To sit on the fence somedays and get off when you’re motivated?

You have Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.

We’re in conflict because ‘they’ are in conflict, always wanting to unite, always.

The mind chatters. The mind solves.
Actions can fap. Actions can DECIDE.
Feelings lust. Feelings can be full of JOY!

If we Fap and say “I do NoFap” we have conflict.
Stop living in the mind. Try actions more.
Keep the mind at arms length, but allow it to chatter - just don’t entertain it, nor let it control your feelings, least not your actions.

I stayed more than 1600 days clean.
Had a fall? Get up! You lost a battle, not the War! God is watching your efforts and He will not abandon you, ever!

-Shared from Rewire Companion app

I wanna act in every aspect of life with my full potential and joyfulness.
I don’t wanna work hard in life,
but work joyfully in whatever I do.

-Shared from Rewire Companion app


Don’t waste time on too much motivational quotes.
If you read, Read and really think about it.
If you do anything, Do it fully.

If you have reluctance to do something,
Change that attitude and do that thing you don’t like.

I dislike going to the supermarket with my friend, so I make the conscious choice to be more than willing to go shopping, and do it with a smile.
It works! :joy:


I stay more than 1600 days clean if you Sant help my code: jxa2h4 i can give you some help


I’ll help u to gaining back your self, but my self needs help to out from bitch zone. I’m strugling, and alway fall down everytime, even i just released i my 4th day. If u wan’t give up, remember me who weaker than u. Ganbatte.

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Thank you for your inspiring streak!

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When The Fire Passes In The Forest
All Run … The Man Runs,
The Birds Fly to Another Shelter
And Until The Lion The Strongest, Dominator
And Feared Forest also runs.
The Only One That Does Not Run Is The Tree.
The Fire Question to the Tree:

  • Tree, All Run And You Will not Run?

The Tree Responds:

  • I am God 's Planted Tree, You Will Pass Through Me.
    It Will Burn My Fruits And Leaves.
    But … In a few months I’ll Be Back To Bloom.
    Because My Root You Will not Burn.
    My Leaves, Branches And Fruits Will Again Appear.

God will sustain you in all your life on this earth.
Come the fire that came.
Stay strong.
You are a tree planted by God.

So it does not matter what situation you are going through.
Its roots are established that everything can.


Its so motivating. We all are the trees planted by the god, its true👍🏻 @EduardoIsraeli

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Yes we are :slight_smile:

Hi @WarriorNS. Thank you for your bravery in sharing your struggle. Being willing to be vulnerable with others takes courage!

I appreciate most of the responses here and am glad folks are being so supportive. So I just want to add something.

Think of someone you care about very much and have a healthy relationship with, like a best friend, brother, etc. Now, when you think of this person, imagine THEY are the one who is writing the message you shared with us. So think of your friend or brother as writing that message to YOU. Or think of a time when someone close to you has come to you in a time of crisis and asked for your help. What would you say to them? How would you respond? How would you listen? How would you comfort them?

Really think about this. Even write down some things you would say.

Then, practice this for yourself. Look at what you wrote when you posted here and try to treat yourself the way you treated your friend or brother. You are just as deserving of love and gentleness as your friend of brother. It may not feel this way at first, but if you continue to practice saying things to yourself that are kind, eventually this will become a habit and can be very helpful when you feel helpless.

And I’m not talking about fake shit like, “Everything’s fine! Why am I so upset? I should just smile and be grateful for my life!” No. When life sucks, it fucking sucks. One of the worst things you can do to yourself is lie and sugar-coat everything. This creates distrust. Fuck that. Be real. Allow your feelings to be felt. Don’t be afraid of them! Feelings are helpful…they let us know when something is wrong (or right). Then say something like, “Wow, I really feel like shit. I don’t need to do anything else besides feel this right now. I can give myself some space and time to feel it.”. Then maybe you could say, “I am strong. I have resisted addiction before. I have the power to choose something different, RIGHT NOW.” And then do something non-habitual, like run around outside, call a friend, hang out with a dog or cat, cold shower, etc. The idea is to not only treat yourself well but also make new neural pathways in the brain. The more you do something, the more likely you are to do it again. Create new habits.

Also, all of us here are failing all the time. Failure is part of everyday life. Success just means being willing to start over again and again and again when we fail. There is nothing to fear. Be yourself. Be with yourself. Be supportive of yourself. Just like you would do for your friend or your brother. I hope this helps.