Help! I am becoming resistant to this app

Hi dear companions, I hope you are doing well. In October of last year, I install for the first time this app, and after a whole year without exceeding 2 weeks, my first streak was 20 days!! It was miracle I feel motivated, thanks to thi app, I was able to share this addiction of 12 years with all of you, and I learned a lot of tips to avoid urgues.
But that is not all!! My second streak was 104 days I feel like a champion, my life change I started to attract friends and girls, my Energy was amazing, only 5 hours of sleep and despite that, I felt super energetic, my goals changed, I started to really want to live my life, I wanted to eat the world, but forgot my bases, I forgot my prudence, I forgot why I started doing this, I forgot I was a fap addict, and I trust myself too much. I stopped going to the gym, and to read the bible because “it took time away” I stopped taking precautions because I had overcome the addiction and finally I relapse almost without realizing. Then I fell into depression and I have not recovered.
My next streaks were 3-28-6-6-0 and the worst is that I feel that this app no ​​longer motivates me, I’ve read the same thing many times in benefits and stories of sucesss that everything gives me the same. Please I need motivation and help! Especially for the users who have been with this app longer, how have you gotten strength to not get tired and not become cynical? Because now I read all the benefits and 5 minutes later I fap three times, And this didnt happen to me before, and I dont want to be in this addiction all my life.


Hey man.
First of all, those are some great streaks! Many people struggle to get even half a week when they start their journey, so props.
What you describe is not only common with people using this app, but people fighting (probably any) addiction in general. In the beginning you are motivated, getting conscious of a bad habit, like you are when getting a new toy of some sorts. If you relapse once, you can still tell yourself it was just once. After the second time you count it as a failure. After the third time you feel like an idiot not strong enough and doubt all the “I will stop this time” stuff that you told yourself. A lot of us, if not all, have been there. Because see, beating an addiction is not about a once in a lifetime resolution and the perfect execution afterwards, its rarely the dream story you could tell a reporter later on, being like “oh yeah, and then I had this eye opening moment and I stopped doing what I was doing for years and years before, anyways, that’s how I acquired the perfect life”. Its a journey that never stops. It has its ups and its downs.
And if this app helped you staying clean because it motivated you at the start, great. But it should always be just that, a help on the side. Don’t rely on it too much. Reading motivational quotes will make you feel a bit better at times, but won’t solve the problems causing your addiction. Watching a movie about Einstein won’t make you study physics for five years. Reading The Lord Of The Rings won’t make you invent your own language.
It takes effort and discipline. And to help build that and cheer you on if you struggle, that’s what we are here for :slight_smile:

So, sorry for the long post. But believe me, you can do it. No need to back down now that you feel how difficult this gets!


Good job for your 104 day streak.

I understand your feeling, i had this too with a streak… Becoming cynical and not get tired is another challenge when you are in nofap or every thing which need discipline.

First you stop, you finish this challenge. But then , there is another challeneg which is as greater as the first : staying steady.
I remember someone saying that the toughest challenge is not to lose weight , but to stay at the weight you managed to have.

Nofap is somehow, a duel between you and the instant pleasure. It takes time … many time because you were in porn for a long time …
You have to continue the path everyday, it gets easier everyday, but if you turn your back on the ennemy you can’t be surprised that he wants to hit you after all these days with you dominating him.

One day, this addiction will stop the ennemy will dissapear but first you have to calm it and the next step is dissapearing.

This is what i think.

Don’t abandon and just continue :slight_smile: Let us go.


I relate to this. I had my longest streak probably ever thanks to this app which was 23/24 days but since then it’s not been so good. It’s an ongoing struggle I guess it’s worth asking ourselves:
How much do I want to be free from this?
Am I prepared to do whatever it takes?
What thought processes and ideas are keeping me trapped?
Will it be worth overcoming this?
Is fapping and porn a problem for me?
Do I have the life I desire right now?
How can I change?