Help guys help me!

Tell me somting to stop it now!!!

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@titanium8 :loudspeaker::loudspeaker::loudspeaker::loudspeaker:
Hello … :postal_horn::postal_horn:
I know that you feel uncomfort now titanium try to think

why you start this … ?

Go move yourself , change your position
Drink 2 cups of water
Go take a shower and enjoy water only
Includes these steps try to take 10 deep breaths and go after the next , next , next till you will find some calm …

If you still feel something wrong or you are afraid ( what ever what you are afraid to happened to you but really you have to be sure that you are ok , and nothing will happen )

You need to breath very deeply … :person_in_lotus_position:#

Breath till you find your heart is calming

  • Try to think about god
  • Something you need to proof to yourself
  • Something you did and people or your family was proud of you , or you are really proud of yourself about anything even if no one tells you thanks …
  • You can use paper or record to yourself as you like .
  • Remember and focus about a day you like and if it’s includes girl or anything , skipe it now …
    ( Focus on actions if you did or you want to proof in this life )
    Believe me it’s seconds if you
    Continue in your steady steps with what makes you feel safe through your good habits now, there is no time to retreat, feel the joy of what you have joy, continue and do not look behind you except to change what you want, enough blame the past and we all support every time and every while .
    Nothing can stop you now, have fun and never stop learning and always get out of the ordinary .

stay_strong :muscle::muscle:

Take cold showers
Do pushups
Write something

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