Help...did I relapsed?

So… I’m on my 3rd day of nofap and I just released a precum, and now idk if I relapsed or not.

So here’s the story. I got up to the shower to take my nightly shower and I’m almost finish when I smelled my penis is awful, so I pull it back and there’s smegma in it. So what I did is get some Dove soap put it in my penis in rubbing motion (smegma is hard to remove) and as horny 17 years old I got hard, and I continue to rub it to really remove it, and after that i tried to pee, but then a white sticky stuff come out (no orgasm feeling or whatsoever) and now I don’t know if I relapsed or not…I hope somebody can help

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No, that’s not a relapse.

What usually counts as a relapse:

Did you intentionally watch pornography?
Did you masturbate?
Did you masturbate without finishing/ejaculating?
Did you act out sexually in a way against your values?

If you didn’t do these things, you’re fine. Sometimes we lose some semen here and there. Wet dreams/nightfalls/nocturnal emissions aren’t relapses either.

I’d be careful with the rubbing though; that’s moving dangerously close to masturbation.