HELP Deppresion

Amyone pls help me,my deppresion so strong.hpe can i deal with deppresion and stress?

  1. Do nofap
  2. Go see a therapist
  3. Love yourself and be patient with yourself
  4. Build a support system
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Go outside …for walk or ride
Or be with ur family members …

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I have depression too. I stay at home all day.

You can message me.

When The Fire Passes In The Forest
All Run … The Man Runs,
The Birds Fly to Another Shelter
And Until The Lion The Strongest, Dominator
And Feared Forest also runs.
The Only One That Does Not Run Is The Tree.
The Fire Question to the Tree:

  • Tree, All Run And You Will not Run?

The Tree Responds:

  • I am God 's Planted Tree, You Will Pass Through Me.
    It Will Burn My Fruits And Leaves.
    But … In a few months I’ll Be Back To Bloom.
    Because My Root You Will not Burn.
    My Leaves, Branches And Fruits Will Again Appear.

God will sustain you in all your life on this earth.
Come the fire that came.
Stay strong.
You are a tree planted by God.

So it does not matter what situation you are going through.
Its roots are established that everything can.

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Thanks for the story man… stay strong guys… its just a matter of time…
Freedom is waiting for us…

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Dont go back to porn! You will find no solace there. My mind always be giving me migraines, mood swings and some bouts of feeling depressed. Another trap to get you back to PMO.

Seek a therapist to help you through it. Do not go back to porn. It wont help the issues.