Help after relapse

Guys i need your TIPS and Help on how to recovered from a relapse… Today i relapsed after 138 days and touched my dck and fapped of, but without watching P, but i was fantasazing in my head and all i could was to think About sex and tis and all my previous sex experiences so i couldnt stop the urge and fapped. It was done in like 10 seconds but immediatly i feel ashamed, i regret that decision.
Maybe this insane urges has to something to do with me a lot of working out, lot of testosterone and using testosterone boosters like tribulus (not steroids) any help and TIPS?
My mood, mentality is very LOW after this.
But I dont desire to watch P anymore, just sometimes Im horny an today i couldnt stop it


I have never done 138 days.
I have heard from some people who relapsed after such high streaks.

Dont Binge now.
Eat healthy… Excercise… & Time.
Time is most important.

Single Relapse only puts a break on your progress.
Your Rewiring stays with you.


Bro you have never completed 90 days Challenge of no P, M and O??? Thats kinda sad, and if u still watch P even 1x time every 3 months thats bad.
I Know that some People say that masturbation
Is normal that pornography is the main evil and problem and it is truth but still… Today after masturbation without P i still feel like peace of shit. Because Masturbation meeen its gonna make you always scared, not motivated, shy, depressed, no confidence And more.
Thats why I feel like total shit and now i desperatly want to Time fly and reach Day 139 and break my 138 Day of NOFAP

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Pmo will never benefit you. It’ll always damage you. Learn from your mistake and move forward. 138 days of healing isn’t completely destroyed by 1 masturbation session. Now the question is will you get right back up and continue walking or will you stay down? Believe me you don’t want to stay down. I’m sure you know this. Good luck sir.


And believe me… even after doing sex with a beautiful women… you will feel shit.
Why ?
Nature fools us…
Nature has created such hormones, chemicals inside us… that we find opposite sex… good… its hypnosis of nature
You experienced this thing when you were masturbating on day 138… because you forget yourself during that hypnosis… you sinked in that … deeply…

I think … Fighting our nature is not going to work.

We just have to be very careful at times when this hypnosis begins… if we just stay there without acting on it… just observing from a third person point of view.
But… this is difficult…
We have to just keep learning from such incidents again & again.

Secondly… Love… Pure Love is the key to our freedom from this nature of hypnosis.
Example of love : when you give others without expecting favour from them in return.

Sex is not love.
Sex is just using others body for your nature cause.
Nature fools us and we find it afterwards… But… alas ! We again become ready for the foolishness.

I am just sharing this with you … because i think this is the right way to Rise High in life.

Without working against our nature… we become our own observers.
We learn from our demise.
We try again to understand what is happening.
Next time when urge comes… just observe it that it has again making you a fool…
Just laugh and move on…
Dont take it seriously…
It is not necessary for us to do sex at all.
A man can live longer without doing sex.
Sex is not necessary like food.

Sex is just an Energy which we can be transmuted.


You did fine in those 138 days, it took you just one bad thought…
Take control over your mind. All the decisions come from the MIND.


Sometimes i have a feeling that NOFAP is impossible, not because i want to do pmo and watch p*rn, but because PMO IS EVERYWHERE, its like someone knows i was an addict and it want me to follow through darkness.

When I go to the gym, bitches there are dressed as whores and it creates lust and fantasizing
When Im at work, all that people do is talking about Porn and sex.
When I read some website about news in my country there is also and article (not DIRTY)
But its about sex and pleasure.
When I want to watch soccer there is commercial about sex or on internet those fake Porn advertisement which i always shut Down in 1 second. But its seem like when ever i stepped PMO and sex follow me.
We live in hypersexualized, Dirty world


This shit led to my relapse after 138days and destroyed my Xmas

Thank you for your advice, its 100 % truth.
How is your Nofap Journey?
Have you been addicted? What is your current streak without Porn?
Do you think you are cured from PMO?

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No brother… you are wrong here.
World is very real … dirt is in the way we look at things.
Like i said before… you are fighting against your inbuilt nature.
Your body is designed biological to get women and make kids.
For that… there is hypnosis… feeling good hormones for opposite sex… magnetic field… which pulls us towards a women…
This world is very Real
It is normal for a man to seek a women.
We cant transmute our sex energy by working against it.
Its easy said… but takes years of practise …
One who accept sexuality and let go … i mean yes… we gets attracted by women… and this is truth… we cant stop this… just accept it and move on
we always have a choice
we choose not to act on the basis of our learning which we are constantly getting in our life
Like you get a learning when you relapsed at day 138… that it is not worth it.
It is not easy to break the hypnosis but… when we try again & again… it becomes possible.
And once you get bigger pleasure than sex … you gets your freedom from this
Brother… without spirituality… Hard Mode cant be done.

One must believe blindly in Greater Reward… and … destroy himself… i mean the sick mind…

I believe there are much much bigger Rewards in life… when sex energy gets transmuted … and you gets liberated … you no longer run after girls… but now… you are at peace and all joy… bliss which you never had imagined… you might get your all answers… enlightenment… think of meeting with your soul… god.

Sacrifice yourself for greater Reward…
Go atleast 3 years without acting on your thoughts & desires.


No brother… take a positive look at the events.
This relapse has brought you to me…
I mean… There is a blessing in disguise.
Something you were doing wrong.
Maybe you need to wake up.


3 years of failure… some learning here & there.
Tasted the powers of sexual transmutation.
Wanted to go back to it.
Now… At 17th day hard mode.
Having urges… but not acting on them.
Urges are making me stronger each day.
I think urges play a vital role in raising a man to his heights of power.
They are like Tests.
Edging makes bigger urges… so i keep that in mind.

I accept women … i know my nature… i respect my sexuality…
I try to break the hypnosis… i try to wake myself each time i get drown in thoughts/ sexual fantasy…

These urges will not always going to disturb me…
I am weak now… when time heals my wounds… and i see much better Reward… i will choose the better.

I am not anywhere near the cure. I think… Today… My mind is too loud… and full of random thoughts. …
My soul is clouded… and … its in pieces…
I am not even 1% feeling cured from pmo.
I have to work very hard to heal myself.
The cure is in my hands.
Each day i push forward… is making me stronger.

This year i had gone to 51 days on hard mode. That streak gave me a lot of learning about this addiction.


Hey Jetstream, 138 really a great streak. I will just get straight to the point, after a 138 day streak, that’s almost 4 months, your body and mind have developed to make conscious decisions to not Fap and to avoid urges in a very systematic way, that it becomes a lifestyle, which sure will help you to climb again. But there should be some ground rules at this point you cannot ignore them at any costs, cause once you fall down in this trap and fapped again, getting up is gonna be very difficult. Good thing you haven’t watched P so rising up won’t be a big deal. Here are some of the things you can follow :

  1. Analyse your patterns that leads you to relapse and avoid them this time.
  2. Triggering content should be avoided at any costs.
  3. Straight up keep yourself busy and occupy your mind with something. No wondering and no leisure mind taking fantasy trips.
  4. Don’t be alone any day in your room until you complete a 30 day streak.

And one important thing be aware of the chaser effect and don’t fall for that
Good luck.


Forgot to mention, most importantly, forgive yourself and give a Pat on the back for your accomplishment for reaching day 138 and start over. Merry Christmas :santa:


I agree that to do NOFAP, People have to change their life, their Daily routine, what they do, develope some new hobbies.
You cant expect to do NOFAP and being cured from PMO when you watch triggering content on instagram, Facebook, snapchat, YouTube, and other social media. They are all full of Girls, women and this will create insane urges or it will create sex urges,or fap urges.
Im no longer using Facebook app or instagram
But my N°1 biggest TIP in 2020 is to quit Technology, delete YouTube app from my Phone and TV, stop watching any movies, Series, play games. Reduce my time on Phone and use it Only for calling an listening to music. Same is with TV, Only for watching sports. Or listening music on flashdisk.
But my point is even if you CHANGE like this and develope new hobbies like… GYM(MY PASSION), ANY other sports, Reading, writting, drawing, Walking in nature, swimming, playing instrument.
There will always be 5 minutes before you go to bed and that 5 minutes is enough for the urge to strike against you and that leads to relapse.
But if you are Lazy shit, staying always home, watching TV, Browsing pointless internet. And doing nothing its mutch, mutch, much bigger % chance that you will relapse.
But urge is sometimes so evil, so strong that even 5 minutes of not being focus and commit will destroy your streak


Hey jet stream…i can relate very much with the face you said that someone knows you was an addict…i can feel you bro…its happening with me also…i watch youtube for study but sexualized advertisement comes on…there is always a sensual song in trending list…sex advertisement everywhere… but i feel blessed that i dont watch porn


To be able to stay away from porn is a blessing to be honest. Those who stay away from porn definitely deserve applause.


But masturbation too man. For me giving up Porn is good but its not enough because meeen… Masturbation… Its so mediocre activity, its pathetic and disgusting. I feel like loosing all my energy, all my Progres and confidence. Because of fapping relapse. But i Know it was 1x time failure… Im now on Day 2 feeling no urges, no triggers, nothing… The bad Thing is that i will now experience a flatline once again -, -

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That’s one of my top reason for ditching masturbation. There’s so many things i wanted to enjoy… I wanted to live a wonderful life and masturbation was eating my energy… That and my time.


I understand how you mean it, but for me it was totally not eating time :sweat_smile: this fap lasted like 10 seconds and it was done, I’m extra sensitive after those 138 days, and the Only released semen was due to wet Dreams. Which are normal and sometimes Im glad to have them to get rid of old semen as Long as i do not watch P and do not fapp,