Help - a fapping habbit

Hello guys

First of all i must admit i failed my New Year’s resolution. Not to fapp at all.

On 24th of DECEMBER i relapsed after 138 days, it was just Masturbation, i didnt watch pornography. But still its pathetic and mediocre activity.

Now I had new current streak of 16 days and I failed again.

I had insanly strong random boner, which leads to strong lust for sex and urge to fap. (without watching P) because P content i found disgusting and pathetic.

So I kinda squeezed my balls and hold it, which lead to orgasm. It wasnt regullar fapp like you Know jerking of, but i lost my Energy and semen.

So can you help me to get rid of this wicked Masturbation, lust cycle?
Also random boners doesnt make it easier