Hello to my brothers and sisters

Hi…new joinee here… I am looking to make 2021 the year of change and give up my masturbation and porn addiction. This is my first day here and I hope to learn and grow better.

Sharing code - bzsi3m

Current streak - 11 days
Highest streak - 3 months
Age - 27
Gender - F
Location -India

Why I want a companion - Apes together, strong.


Reposting this:
Hey fellow sister,
I am glad you are trying to overcome this NoFap addiction and wanting to better yourself. This is the first time I’ve seen you post, so I’d just like to give a quick heads up.
While I’m glad you are looking for fellow female companions.
Unfortunately there have been times where someone of the opposite gender may message you for the wrong reasons. It’s sad to see that and that we must always be aware of who we talk to.
That being said, I advise that you only message people from the same gender and if you get a message from someone you find uncomfortable. You can always flag them or message the admin/moderators

God bless you sister!


Thank you so much!

It’s just seconds into the post and I already feel supported. I am saving your message in the hope I would never have to put these measures into use. Take care!

Hi sister
Let’s bang this addiction together
Age 19
Current streak 0( relapsed today​:joy::joy:)
It was of 27
Longest streak 120 days
Location - India
My sharing code: nxbzqv

Let’s become super saiyan together and increase our power levels :laughing::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey Trishti didi i am 17 years old and if a boy does this no fap challenge with a girl then i think it will be more fruitful
My companion tag- 415pcz


I’m just binge watching DBZ :joy:
Anyway, Welcome Trishti to our community. I hope you do well on this journey. :blush::+1:


@Trishti beware sister…you will get some messages from unknown persons .they will try to talk some unnecessary things…so ignore them…
Generally I don’t write any coment in any girls diary :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: . So take care…


Hey there !!!
We all here are for a change !!

There are certain reason why people relaps !!.

  1. Fantasy
  2. loneliness
  3. weak will power
  4. internet material
    In my case it’s loneliness !!
    Be strong
    #and say I am the master of my body !!**I will control my brain **
    **My urges are not going to take over me **
    **Iam strong **
    Code e6l930

apes :rofl:

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Good luck on your journey @Trishti

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just relapsed like an hour ago. I don’t know how to feel about it. I’ve relapsed enough times to know that feeling like it’s the end of the world or that I will never change will not help.
I guess for now I’ll just keep trying. it’s better than doing nothing. it may be day one on my app but I know I’m not starting from the absolute beginning. I need other people’s help too.

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Don’t lose heart. Recognising the issue is winning half the battle. Do something productive now. I just fought an urge now using some of the measures suggested here. If I can do it, so can you. All the best Daniel!

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Ooooooh wooow …
Hi hiii hiii … i’m girl too trishti …
Anytime you want to share don’t think please I 'm here always …
Msg me even I’m not online … Be sure that I will …
You can’t imagine how is my happiness that you joining this .
I hope that you will achieve this .
Kill all your weakness . :muscle::muscle:

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