Hello to all of you

How's going?Lets discuss something. About anything.Lets talk.
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Hai, how r yu, hw is yur life. Hw is yur nofap journey


I just masturbated soon. Well I was on 3 days streak and then I started fresh on this app by clearing past data


Yea it’s gud, am also started yesterday only.we will do it bro.

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I am ready bro I will do it please tell me how you get in fap

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Asusal seeing pornograohy and started …hw yu started…now I undrrstand little bit…it just a curious things to know about female body…hw yu started.

It started by seeing my own body. I examined each of the organ that how it fells when toughed and suddenly found pennis massage and ejaculation.And then exposed to pornography

Basicaly we all have reached puberty.

Alright, how do we ascertain loser ness. You can’t claim that title. Let’s discuss who deserves that, perhaps me. Lol

Ya lets discuss
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Hi , I hope that you achieve your highest streak ( don’t think about how much ? ) , Greeting your newborn and accept all your downs to have the most up to your new one.
What is your dream right now ??

Just to become successful

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What do you want to do to be succefull about ??

In studies and love
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I say focus on studies. Love will come naturally.

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