Hello, searching for someone to talk to?

Hello, It’s a me Luigi!
I’m a student in Economics of Tourism. I train myself in gym or at the park near my house very often and I have a deep knowledge about training and nutrition due to my huge passion of improving my body(kind of natural bodybuilding??). I’m very curious about lot of different topics. Most of all I’m passionate about Technology, hardware and software,and recently even the basic engineering and physic concepts behind how things works(just searching on browser or yt videos and taking notes). I love to know, learning and studying things just for personal knowledge and doing so does make me happy.
Hi, welcome. What about you ?

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I’m searching for someone to build a strong connection as human beings, a true friendship. Aiming to rewire the neuronal pathways associated with objectification of the opposite sex -


Hi Prabhjot this side
I’m studying tourism too, interested in bodybuilding too but not going to gym for some days will start again soon. I wish you best of luck in overcoming this addiction, you gonna be out of this soon.
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Thank you for sharing! I’m not training these two weeks too because of exams btw we are already free, now it’s all about not coming back when we will be weak!! Stay strong brother! :smiley:

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Hi Luigi
I’d love to help out.
Heres my sharing code:

Cheers mate.

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All the best! I hope you win.

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Hope is the key work, never lose it. Soon or later we will beat all the human crafted addiction systems (some TVs series and systems like android tv’s in developement, Video games, Social network, Youtube and all sobstitute of real life).They make money out of “usage” so they take as much time as possible out of you and they have people paid to study how to use your brain weacknesses and you remain with nothing out of their systems and artificial provoked emotions, cravings, urges.At the end of a life lived in these system you will have fully lived only about 1% of your time, never trying to live in the world but staying in the easier fake one, on your counch, alone or knowing few people (knowing deeply), without even trying to realize your dream becouse safe is ok and on the couch is OK . Start living GREAT. Just do not use and u will be free=living the real ONE life u have. I exagerated it all but HOW MUCH is it true is a real question. Do you feel happy, realized, good for real, loved? Or JUST “I’m ok, like everyone”. I hope this can help you guys… I’m finally starting living and guess what? I feel every day more realized and more concious about myself, what I really whant to do in my only life and my mind is so clear and deeply connected it’s difficult to explain but it’s basically like feeling more alive, mindfulness, enjoying little things. At first even thinking my life without waking up with phone or watching tv or playing video games was an horror story and so sad but the true is that there is so much more you are unable to feel becouse your brain destroys dopamine receptors becouse of all the shit you are bombarding your brain with. Inform yourself and start by knowing how these addiction works and change your brain, thats how I set myself free. I took 2 years to know enough good these systems and their’s demage but now I’m totally unchained. Hope I din’t make too many errors writing this fast and wish you will take back your freedom.I come from cigarette, drug, porn, social networks, youtube, smartphone, and video games addiction… (Esports and playing it with with real firends that you know in real life it’s not bad btw). I have now to fight only youtube and smartphone and it is the stronger one… just think and inform yourself why and how does it work… at least it waste your life but don t make you suffer physically so people can see you OK.


Hi Luigi :wave:
It’s good to see someone as multi faceted and talented as you

I would be very honoured to be your friend and friend to other who read this post as well

I too share similar interests …

I am a student of Accountancy in my final year , I am intrested in Law, business, government administration, anthropology, ethnopology, philosophy , psychology, sanskrit and other classical languages, nutrition, yoga, ayurveda to name a few and also studying books on some of them :+1:

I was a nutrition cum gym pseudo specialist due to my deep interest in improving my self as well

Now I have moved on to running marathons and training my body for strength while previously it was just for Impressing people and looking good :stuck_out_tongue:

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Write me when you want. I’m busy for am exam until tomorrow but whenever you want I’ll be pleased to discuss with you.

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Hey :wave:
I myself am busy for an exam till 25th November
I shall write to you after that :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I am here recently, but I am pleased to meet interesting people. I do not know English perfectly, but I still want to make friends with you.
Are we going to talk here or somewhere else? I can’t send you messages.
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Here or mail me if you prefer

What mail? Is the mail of this site disabled or do you mean gmail?

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Okay, let’s chat here for now. Can you tell us a little more about yourself? Have you had problems with porn or masturbation before, how did you come to this forum and what are you doing now?


Name- Xrl8Sebx17 - Sebastián
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Hello people I’m Sebastian, a latin american, and I joined this group because I want to be better as a person, as a man, I’m tired of being this vulgar human. I started today at November 4th I know its kind of late but I really need to stop this bad habit, it’s destroying my life. Pls follow. I’ll do my best. I’m studying music and I’m a pianist, I like to work hard and to do NEW things always, without fear. I usually train at late afternoons 6:30 p.m, jogging. I would like to follow you Luigi, to work as a team.


Hi there!! I’m from México and I’m trying to quit this habit!! I’ve áreas added you Luigi, I hope to learn a lo of you!


I’m in man. I have to write at least 20 characters

Telegramma added. This min 20 characters rule is so dumb

Telegram added. 20 charactes rule is solo dumb

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let’s look at bright side

  1. It’s a feee app
  2. a community where people can post their stuff
  3. self timer/ srtike tracking
  4. motivation quats and messages
    and much more
    Let’s appreciates the efforts and Ideas, who made this possible :slight_smile:
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It’s a free app infact is full trackers and analytics, BTW I just don’t understand this 20 characters limit.

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