Hello, new guy here :)

Hello guys and gals, my name is Alex, i’m 30, from Romania. I’ve been relapsing for the last few months and I think this is the perfect time to find myself companions to get through this easyer I hope. So feel free to add me, and leave your sharing code below and let’s help each other break this stupid addiction :slight_smile:

Sharing code - 7987db


Welcome, Alex, it’s your boy Philipp from Germany. Keep us on track:)

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Hey man, and welcome to our squad :grin:
23 from Germany here. Let’s keep ourselves motivated. Add me too, my code is 67219d!

Nice to meet you guys. Glad to see i’m not alone in this

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Salut Alex

Acelasi nume si 34 de ani. Azi locuiesc in Canada.

Codul meu e 706cd8

Vom invinge impreuna

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Guys add me to I am new here and want to beat this. 1faa31