Hello- My Story- Respect To EveryOne Who Supported Me - But Just I Have Other Plans

Today - I Just Got My Test Scores
I Finally Got My Emotions Back - Earlier On It Didnt Dissapoint Me

  • But Now?? OH MY GODD
    I am Trying To Think What Went Wrong When I Myself Knew What
    It Reflected How I Had spent a Lot Of Time On Other Stuff
    Youtube - Just Much More Than I Could Comprehend
    Rewire Companion - It helped Me Sure - But I Didnt Achieve Any Target By That.
    And Many More Things…
    So I Decided To Take A Break - I Realized that The Reason Why I Didnt Relapse Despite Being Lazy Was An Inner Transformation As Well As The Fact That I Didnt Do Anything Productive During My Time , I Was Getting My Dopamine Fixes Without Ease - Helping Me With Absolutely Nothing In Terms Of Controlling My Feelings TO Not PMO - Nor Work For Anything,
    Its A Relapse Every Single But NoT To PMO
    I Realized My Own Statement - Owners Of Cigarette Factories Dont Drink Them - But I Am Helpless - It Is Not Feasible For Me As Most Of My Study Is On Youtube Itself.

I Was Not Able To Pmo Because Of My Blockers Blocking My Blockers Further Blocking It More And With Stricter Safesearch With Every Single Step.
Every Relapse Has Added Thousand Of Loophole Tricks To The Blockers Itself Making Them Stronger, I Got My Dopamine Fixes Through Other Stuff- Not Good in This Context.- I Must Learn To Control It - Or My Dream Will Simply Remain A Dream - I Never Want To Have A Regret- I Wanna Be Happy Knowing A Life Which Does Not Bring Any Problems To The Generations After Me - Knowing and Leading A Great Life Without Any Harmful Substances.

I Know That Many People WhO Might Be Seeing This Post Would Say - But You Said Something Else - Or You Yourself Are Trying To Motivate Us And Now You Are Doing The Same??
Listen - I am 16 Years Old, A Male From India Who Is Trying To Understand and make His Life Better - I Simply Gave You Suggestions, I Make Mistakes Too - I Am Human - But Please Dont This Discourage Any Of You . Continue…

The Reason Why It Is Hard For Me To Leave The Forum For Such A Long Time(From My Personal Standpoint) Is Because I Do Not Have Many Friends - Just A Few, Not Because I dont want to make, But I Am Happy With The Company Of A Few Itself- Introverted Personality ( I Am An INFP-A A Rare Personality) ,
I Have A Rich Imagination Which Supports Me Every Day- Getting Words And Pictures And Images Of Things Modified From Movies TO Suit Me…
It Is Not A Problem - But Being Extremely Shy Has Its Own perks- Made a Big Impact On My Life when My Crush And bestfriend of 6 Years Told Me So Frankly That She Had A Crush on My Friend- Even Though I Didnt Want To Have A Relationship With Her For The Reason That It Would Ruin Our Friendship - But I Wanted To Confess Badly - For Which I Had Practiced 10000 times when Our Family Got To A Foreign Country- Beautiful Country , Loving People , But I Lost My Friends Some Of Them I Knew For 8 YEARS- All Connections Cut - I Studied.

It Was A Hard 2-3 years Just Full Of Studying - When A Person Told Me Something About PMO. One Of The Most Disgusting Things Ever- Yet The Normality With Which They Said Was Commendable, I Was Missing This Girl Still - Guess My Hormones Too Strong , Still Liked Her . I Got Better Every Single Time I Used TO Have A Relapse In the Previous 2 Years Due To Her.

Some Of You Might Not Believe This - But My Streak Score Increased Drastically Everytime I Used To Think About Her, Not In Anyway Sexual , Just An Attraction Thats It
I Broke Barriers And Got To 30 days On My 1st Attempt, Then I Asked God To Help Me And Taking Her On This Journey In My Mind, I Was Able To Go To Day 147 Without Ever Being Able To Cross 30 Days Ever Before - I Might Not Be In Love , But Noone Can Take Away This Good feeling From Me - Its Not Lust , I Dont Think About Sexual Things EVER With Her- Just An Attraction I Had To Her Amazing Personality- I Dont Even Know Why I Told This But Well, Bear With Me I Just Let My Heart Do Its Work Today.

This Time My Goal Is Being Assisted By First Of All God, Jesus Christ , A Dream To Be At An Ivy League College And Her- I Am Gonna Use All My Strength And The WIll Power Left In me To Help This World - Give My Service To The Humanity - Open Up Schools , Educational Institutes , Scholarships , Medical Institutions And Funds For Research of Several Diseases As Well As For Helping Out Poor Of The Country To Get Out Of The Vicious Cycle…
The Lord Himself Empowers Me And My Infinite Mind And I Would Work With The Holy Spirit To Become Better Everyday - Closer And Closer To My Dreamss.

I Do Promise To Work Harder - Follow God And Help Me To Be Free From The Whirlpool Of Addictions - Which I Am Slowly Swimming To The Top To Witness The Happiness Of Sunlight

Dream Big - Thats What Everybody Said - I Did, However These Plans Seem Like An Everest To EveryBody Viewing It Or Not Viewing it, While I Am Still Climbing Higher With God, Following His Advice And Commandments- I am Gonna Do It.
I Have These Big Plans That I Think I Understand How To Achieve Them, A Big Impact On The Society - A Momentum To Go Higher - No Materialistic Limitations Atleast To Anybody,
These Thoughts Come To Me Naturally Giving Me Happiness Peace Abundance Gratitude and Every Positive Trait I Have Now
People With High Grades Are Succesful Not Because They Got Grades - They Got Resilience To Achieve Their Grades, Which I Wanna Build. Because I wanna FEEL GOOD- A Feeling which I Used To Get Out Of Anything Out Of Curiousity As A Child, And Now Wanna See People Happy- Which Is Why I Tried To Help Everybody - Which Is Why I Wanna Live,

Which Is Why Everything Matters - Right From Knowledge To Implementation - The World Might not Care - We Create That World - As Said Before , I Am A Human - Not Perfect , I Might Say I Dont Care - But Deep Down I Just Wanna Be Happy- By Seeing Others Happy.

Today - I Have Realized That And Thanks For Sticking Up And Reading My Long Posts Including This One, If I Have Created Even A Slightest Impact On AnyBody - I Thank God And You WholeHeartedly With Best Wishes To SucceeD And Achieve Your Goals And Dreams And Would Request You To Please Think Give Me Your Positive Vibes Too - If Possible,

If I might Have Had Any Conflict Or Hurt AnyBodys Sentiments - I Am Extremely Sorry To Have Done So, But Please Do Not Hold It Against Me, Thank You.

I Realized 1 thing - I Usually Used To Feel Really Good At Day 7 Itself - Didnt Feel Anything Even On Double That Time, This Way Around - Absolutely Same No Difference

Today I Was At A Position I Hate To Be Academically Yet There I Was,
A Whole Different Level Of Motivation Is Arising Within Me, Persuading Me To Take A Step.

I Have An admin installed extension In Chrome For Me- Which Takes All The Time I Spent
ON CHROME NEW TABS - Not In Incognito

Didnt Run It In Incognito Tabs - Thinking Nothing Would Ever Happen,
Hence Now I Am Removing The Incognito Mode And Blocking Youtube .

The Only Reason I Wrote This Post Was To Tell My Final GoodByes And Also Settling Scores
Anyways 1st Being The Challenge That I Would Return When My Score Is 100 Days

I know That It Is Not Ego This Time- It Is Just A Motivational Step I Wanted To Take - I Just Put Everything To God And Go On This Journey.

A Few Things I Wanted To Remain - Please Do Me This Favour I Would Owe You Big Time…

@anubhavtyagi, @tanmay_ck - Brothers , Our Challenge Is Still On - Please Don’t Feel Bad Because of My Inactivity Here. Also If You Win The Challenge - I Fully Accept Any No. Of Days You Are Gonna Give me Challenge For - Or Even Restart Again Also . Thanks For Understanding.

@HappySoul - Brother - Please Do Not Remove Me From The Challenge Due To Inactivity , I Wanna Conquer Batches of July August September And Am gonna Return With A Change.
Thank You.

@Sahas - Brother - Please Do Not Remove Me From The Man Of God Challenge Due To Inactivity - I Am Gonna Return Soon - Just I Want To Work On Myself And Boost Brain Health and Productivity - Thank You For Understanding.

@vedsarkushwaha - Brother Please Do Not Remove Me From The Beast Mode Challenge , Please Note I Am Gonna Be Inactive But Will Come Back - Thanks

@Tagore- Hello Brother - Please Do Not Remove Me From No Jizz July Group For Inactivity, I will be Back Brother. Thanks.

@selfconqurer , @Ash_Matt, @Martial_Beast

  • I Just Felt Something In Me - I Wanted To Thank You All For Every Motivating Step You Helped Me To See - Right From Seeing You Guys Develop Insane productivity , Workout , Right To The Part Where You Guys Helped So Many others And Myself - Its Something , A Support For An Idea, Which You All Give Together That I Would Motivate Me To Counter My Urges And Reboot Succesfully.

Just Wanted To Thank Every Single One Of You Guys

@Taher - I Dont Know How The Mechanism Would Work, But Still I Had A Slight Suggestion Brother - Please Do Implement If Possible,

  • Updating Nofap Streaks Through The Website - I Currently Am Not Able To Use My Device Since It Got Damaged During Lockdown - I Just Wanted To Suggest You That - No Problem even If It Is Not There- Just A Simple Suggestion Just Till This Lockdown Is There , Thanks For Reading.

So Guys - If I Was Not Able To mention Anybody - It Does Not Mean I Do Not Wish Good For You , I Just Wrote This As A HopeFully Last Time Of Mine
Thank You EveryOne For Your Support - Stay Safe Stay Strong - Get A Good Life And Make An Impact.
Good Luck!


@Thenofap_king Thank you for your great words.
We will always be here, when you return.
I hope that you reach your goal and come back to tell us about it.
Stay strong, and never forget- WE ARE NOFAPPERS FOR LIFE
Till you return to the forum


Dont worry… We are with you… Be Strong.


Heyy brother, thank you for the appreciation and I respect your decision and opinion, if you have taken a decision, now it’s time to give your best to stand on that decision…
We are with you…
Analyse, apply, obeserve, but don’t repeat the same mistake twice…
All the best brother, hope you come back stronger than ever :+1::+1::muscle::muscle:


Alright! You can be inactive in this period.


I am working on this. No need for device, all app features on web browser.


Thanks brother @Taher it will really help me. I want to use iPhone which I will get recently and I mostly use Laptop to check my social media and this app. But just to update my streak in app I’ve to use this phone. Thanks again.


Im Sorry Guys,I relapsed.

Not once Many time over the month after I started .

Tried to break the weeks barrier and stuff and did not end up over 2 days.

However I have decided now. This shall be my last and only stand and till then i am going to take controp and foght back against this…

Good luck and thx for ur blessings…


Glad to see you back! @Thenofap_king
We’ve always got your back!
Will you be staying on the forum now?


My Tuitions Have Started In Full Swing And They Are Providing Us Tests In Wholesale…

I However Will Definitely Be Staying On The Forum … A Bit Inactive Only.

Thanks For Your support brother - I Really Appreciate it.

I had Actually Lost Sight Of My Goals - People Are Not Supportive About Someone Having A Big Goal…

The Only Supportive People Being My Parents - And To Be Honest , They Tell That Marks Matter Right Now More than Knowledge

That Was the reason I Had Quit the Forum - To Answer Your Question- Sorry For Being Late😄.

I just am In The Pursuit Of Becoming the Best Doctor I Can Be…
An Ivy League College - A Selection Rate Of About 50 in 1.5 Million…
Success In Life - Maybe A Big Spike In Life Quality , But Only Possibe Success In Life Itself…

There Is Just One Hope To Achieve It Brother , I Know that Studying Is Never Gonna Stop, But I Do Want To Ever Engage in Stupid Stuff, Which I Had Almost Never In My Currently Going On Teenage Years…As An 18 Year Old - Which I am About To Be In 2 years.

Respect , I do Have - Mostly Due to My Parent’s Position In The Society. But I Wanted To Ear n Some Myself- That is The Main Goal - Which ANYBODY Or Everybody Might Want…

Which Is The Reason I am Also Going to Put God First In This Newly Begun Journey.

Possibly Triggering - Kindly Avoid This Part
My Last Relapse:-

Like I Just Kind Of Wanted To Be Free Of This Stuff - And A Hindi Movie Called Raabta, A Romantic One - Suddenly Appeared With A SoftCore Scene. I Had Immediately Skipped The Part - And I Though I Forgot About It.

I Literally Bypassed my Own Restrictions - And Used Different Techniques Just To Get Past The Barrier I Had Set Myself In.

Now , Thinking About It- It Was Just Like The Door Was Really Old And I Just At That Moment Was Superman Or Something.

No Kryptonte Trap , No Distraction.

I Literally Kept Typing On My Keyboard And Brought Down The Entire Freaking Settings Put Up By The Accountability Software And Myself.

My Entire Hardwork Of 3-4 Weeks Of Research and Stuff Into Computers - Making The Hardest Permanent Blocks - And I Figured Out A Way In Just 3-4 Min.

I Just Didnt Feel Happy On Relapsing And The Worst Part Was That I Had Gone On The Nofap Website Just Before But Nothing Possibly Was There To Encourage.

I was Lonely , And As For Dating Life - I Just Dont Want To Indulge In That Till I am Financially And Mentally Stable And Could Indulge In That Activity With A Special Person.

As For The Tuition Guys - They Are Not Doing Much Help Either…
First Of All - There Is Absolutely NO Simmilarity Between A Zoom Class And A Real Class.
I Realized That The Teachers Were Actually Good But They Just Keep On Giving Tests Like Free Real Estate…
My Sleep Cycle Is Literally Bouncing Off Just About 5-6 Hours Of Sleep Whereas I Need Atleast 6-7 From My Previous Experiences - But Just The Whole Concept Of High Expectations From A High Performing Student Is Ruining That Brother.

Thats Why I Got Some Motivation - SomeThing To Look Forward To. I Never Actually Thought That I Could Get Back On Again - To A Streak I Myself Would Look And Feel The Need For Becoming Even Better.

I am Aspiring For 1 Last Time - Putting God With Me, I Can Overcome This Easily If Every Part Of My Body Is With Me Along With My Creator.

My Specific Goal Again Is Back On Track - However I Would Set My Goal For Marks In Test Higher By 5% Every Consecutive Test - Would Be Much Beneficial Rather Than Keeping Unrealistically High Expectaions…

With That Brother - All The Best , Good Luck And Peace​:peace_symbol::v:

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