Hello ,my brothers and sisters

I am Raisy Christopher, I am a Canadian girl of 19 years ,soon I will turn 20 . I just relapsed after 15 days at 8 am . I am in a relationship for almost 5 years . I hope everyone will help me to reboot .

One more thing I was a bit worried because I was thinking I will recieve creepy messages but thankfully this not happened and 2 guys helped me . Thank you so much @pingpong1 and @Sholt_Peterson for helping me :smiley::smiley:.


Don’t worry sis, you did a great job. It’s time for a big streak.

Everyone here is amazing, but if you find such people just report them, using the flag icon.


Thanks brother. Thanks brother :smile:

No worries sis . All the best for your journey.

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it’s strange to see a girl here, but don’t worry, everything will be fine with you, you will definitely get rid of porn addiction. At least you don’t have erectile dysfunction. I am now 190 days without RMO and feel good. Before this series, I had regular relapses for 5 months. I couldn’t give up porn even on the th day. then I managed to hold out for a couple of days and relapse again. this went on for 4 weeks. after that I had a week of abstinence and then a breakdown, then another attempt, but lasted 2 weeks and relapsed again. it was hard for me but I concentrated and lasted 1 month and broke. Then I resolutely tuned in and still hold on. at first it was very warm, about 1.5 months, but then it was easier and I didn’t want to watch porn so much anymore. now I feel good and you will. you will succeed.

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Bruhh, don’t stress over it. There are many girls here also…
Like @Dari @NhTbH , @anon3047577 and many others…
Just focus on your progress


Hey :relaxed::wave: @Ren_Raisy
I am here with you , don’t worry …
This application helps … worked with me…I relapsed , I am in my 9 days , I know that I will success someday and you also :wink: start to accept new habits , new life …
No time for tomorrow it’s just now
You have to start properly :blush:
Anything you need about informations about app or life , if you like to share I will be very appreciated for that moment …


Thanks @pingpong1 and @Zelus .

I wasn’t able to message anything .


Ayoo, sis Happy birthday, may god bless you.

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Thanks brother :grinning:,btw did I tell you during that conversation?

No you didn’t, but the app displays a :birthday: icon with your name when it’s your birthday.

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Oh ,thank you so much .

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