Hello friends. Thx for your motivation

Hello Guys!! I hope you are fine. This is my intro
I am a 15 year old boy from New Delhi, India and I started this NoFap from jan 2020 but failed and now started from sept 13. Here is my story…

I was an ordinary boy till 12, but then I met P*rn which changed my life and make me worst.

I was very intelligent student in my whole class and my interest was science. But after P*rn came into my life whole scenario changed. My life was becoming worst day-by-day. I loss all my interest from studies, my grades were falling like anything, sudden breakups, depression and fights with parents.

Then I saw Salil Jamdar and fit tuber which told us about NoFap, then i started it but failed and again started Fapping but in Sept 2020, I started suffering from short term Memory loss. Then i researched a lot and Then i came to know that it is caused by PMO. And after that i started Nofap.

This is what happens when you Fap excessively.

From this i want to tell that dont fap too much that it hijack your brain.

Whatever is your past, your future should be bright


You will be able to beat my friend, I believe in you. You are stronger than you think.


At what age did you started watching porn bro?

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He already mentioned…


My story is also the same …It is good to see that you’ve realised at the age of 15 :innocent::innocent:
But I am 20 …NEVER GIVE UP.
We will win.


Bro Age does not matters, accepting your fault matters

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