Hello companions ,A disturbing Q for me

answer plz if you know ,.
few days back ive got a new achievement in life ,ive passed one of my exams .that exam was really hard and it needs alot of struggle ,sleepless nights to pass it .a biggest exam …but problem is that i dont feel anything after passing that great exam …i should be happy but im not …niether sad …dont know what kind of feeling is this …this is happeing to me for years …that after achieving something i dont feel happy …
the other problem is that im trying nofap since 2018 ,now its almost 2 years ,i failed many times ,my highest streak was 54 …but as you know repeated failure breaks our motivation ,energy …and when i started nofap1st time ,it was vwry easy for me …now after failing in nofap again and again ive lost confidence from nofap and i dont have enough energy to standup again …
plz give any solution …im worried ,as i cant enjoy little things in life …life looks like neutral .

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I know that feeling, since I am in the same place right now. Even quarantine made it worse from COVID-19.

Hey man, well that is an interesting question(s) your having. Well recently I also hit a curve ball in this streak. Thoughts are very poisonous and they can demolish the way you think about anything.

Now it poisoned you with doubt and you can’t enjoy thing as you should, because the doubt you have has affected it by asking questions pr making statements like how is it possible that I passed it as I can’t stay on nofap etc.

The thing is you need to go and evaluate yourself and come up with strategies to beat nofap and have an anti-venom ready for the doubt you have.

Stop thinking uhm this or that is pointless or I have tried this or that and I am still a failure. No get out there and just like Nikey slogan. “Just do it”.

Focus on your goals you set and start building yourself up.

  1. Have small challenges. I do a 30 day 30 push-ups challenge ( for example). With this I wanna build a positive habit and feel good about myself.

Yeah sure it is just 30 push-ups , but man you feel good to reach it and then you get some results in the phisque and it makes you also feel good.

  1. You have stop these thoughts as I had them alot and give your mindset a change. Via affirmations

The thoughts to avoid:

  1. I can’t do…
  2. I need to relapse to start again…
  3. How, what or why’s on different topics are also best to avoid.

Thoughts to build yourself and you have to push yourself with the motivation as it isn’t always gonna be easy as it is a challenge im getting a positive thought and putting action to it. It has to be forced and after a while it becomes easier.

  1. I can do…
  2. I will stop… (I will let go of…)
  3. I wanna achieve … goal for today.

Start off today by showing yourself you can beat this neutral thinking.

Congrats on your exam pass! Come on man if you can fight for this exam fight for yourself fight with this nofap. You can do it just believe!!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!


I’m facing the same problem, and it’s really hard to have this lack of emotions, I kinda want to be more emotional sometimes. You are not alone man. We will overcome this problem together!