Health Corruption

Hello dear nofappers.
I uploaded this post to open your eyes in the corruption of the health(disease) care system.
Pharmaceutical industries want us sick.They offer reliefs and not cures.I just question how these people sleep at night when they are killing whole populations.
So your choice is yours either to be healthy or to be sick.
Be your own doctor and spread the truth.


I agree with you… there is no permanent cure of any illness. They just selling medicines, earning profits.

Real cure is within us. The God is the real cure.

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Is our Health care system perfect? No where near
Are medical doctors perfect? not at all
Are pharma companies mainly interested in Money? For sure
Is the modern medicin underestimating the potential of your mind? Definitely
Is now every form of medicine just ment to kill us? That’s just useless, nonsense and stupid

For sure, we live in a time where science is more and more thinking, that if we are observing a system more and more closely, we will find the one chemical that is messing up our cells and hence we can put in another chemical which prevents it. By doing that, they forget the influence on the whole system and the strength our mind has in curing or making many diseases. That’s not evil or ment to damage us, it’s just our current way of looking at health and diseases. In some cases this is good. For example for HIV or diseases like ebola. There, you really have to know how to virus works in order to be able to kill it. You can’t prey to god or eat better food and HIV will go away

that said, we have to differentiate. There are “diseases” with very unspecific symptoms. Like tiredness, not being able to sleep, headache, allergies and so on. I agree with the first video that in most cases it is just stupid to take a medication in this case. These kinds of things are very often cured by changing your mindset. example tiredness can sometimes be assosiated with mild depression which can be cured mainly by changing your mind

BUT. (the guy in the Clip is also mentioning that) there are diseases which HAVE to be cured by medication. Not taking the essential vaccines (not things like influenca but the important ones) is just stupid. There are viral diseases which can’t be curred by your immune System. Take Ebola or HIV as an example. Or once you break a bone or you need a surgery I think you will be pretty happy that medicine invented something like pain Killers and anasthatics.

So, Don’t belive everything your doctor says. He is a human being like you and me, prone to making mistakes.
Don’t underestimate the strenth and influence of your mind and diet.
BUT! don’t say medicin in general is just money making because that is just stupid (sure if the company can sell you a more expensive cure they will prefer that over a cheap one. In the end it is a business. But that doesn’t mean that everything is just poison)



Well articulated my friend.

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