Head to head battles(1 day streak, entries closed)

Anyone ready for head to head battle may join this…this will be 1vs1 battle and the one who loses will not challenge the winner for atleast 1 months…and the loser will alwaysa adress the winner as master.

Guyz having only 1 day streak are allowed to join.

Entires open

Common guys if you are a man…let your manlyness fight this battle

Sharing code - e4d240

Current streak - 1 day*
Highest streak - 4 days *
Age - 16
Gender - M
Location -India

Why I want a companion - to make myself better and help myself to reach out a new streak

I’m ready. I’m from India too. I’m currently on 1 day 14 hrs streak. My highest streak is 8 days.
Sharing code: d76f45

K man…let the fight begin…2mwr morning the match starts…lets see who wins…and who becomes whos master


Hey man…let this battle begin now…nd i m resetting my counter to hiw far i can go…from today…if you wish you can also do the same…@InquisitiveMind

Yes, let the battle begin. I won’t reset my counter though. We need to subtract two days from my counter and tally with your score. Or, we can reach our Target 30 days at different points of time. It doesn’t matter when you cross the finish line… All that matters is you reach it.

Yeah…the main point is who lasts longer…ill update the scors daily

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So… finally the battle has begun

Punisher day-0
InquistiveMind day- 2

The players have started great…punisher is lacking a bit behind but i believe he wont give up.
InquisitiveMind is doing great with 2 days streak. Hoping to see him ending with flying colors

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So 1 day passed…and players are seen to be more motivated than yesterday… nobody is ready to give up…cuz they have to win the tag of the master…this battle is going to be interesting

Punisher Day 1
InquistiveMind Day 3

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Finally this match comes to an end with relapse of @InquisitiveMind…dont lose hope my buddy fight that devil again

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Let’s see who can make it first to 30 days. Till then, bye master!!

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Why bye…we can fight together…come lets have another head to head battle…@InquisitiveMind

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