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Hello guys, I am new to this forum. I am 30 years(married) and is addicted to PMO… each n every i was addicted… however i have decided to quit PMO and its been 9 days sober now . However i have one question… does having sex with wife and ejaculating is ok or not??? Or should i just have sex no ejaculation??

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You can have sex with your wife bro! It doesn’t count as a relapse! It’s porn and masturbation that counts as a relapse. Have at it man!


Thanks… man… i knew its but obvious… but just had to clear that doubt


Bro although having intimacy is permissible with wife but if you’re looking for near rewire, try a complete reboot of 90 days hard mode or at least 30 days of hard mode. You’ll get see better results.

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