Have just started, Need a companion

Sharing code - m2m66o

Current streak - Just have started
Highest streak - 1 day, just started
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want a companion - Earlier I used to take this lightly saying to myself it’s easy and I can do without it. And when I do it, I am like no problem we can correct it. Now my willpower has depleted to a point I don’t think I can manage alone. Would love to have a companion and help others too.
I promise to stick to this with serious determination. Thanks everyone.


Hey brother!!! @Slowdown
Let’s defeat PMO together!!!

Sharing code : 15mvoc
Current Streak : 2 days
Highest streak : 29 days
Country : :india:
Age : 18 M

Can anybody tell me, how this works? Can we message the companion?

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Yes you can message your companion directly via the forums, if you click on their profile picture next to their name, it will give you an option to message them.

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