Has Anyone Tried SUBLIMINALS?

Has anyone tried using subliminals to quit PMO

What is subliminals ?

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These are audios that send messages to your subconcious mind to stop PMO or anything … You can find one on youtube

Ok … i will see what it is.

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Add me bud …my code is 6f4efa

Aside the scientific question if it works or not, for me that would not be an option.
Quitting PMO is more to me than stop watching porn. It’s part of a step towards a better, self-controlled life. Using something as subliminials would go against my belief that I have to built the strength to quit by myself, or otherwise it’s for nothing or just temporarily

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Do you know if they actually work though?

The only time I encountered subliminals were as background noise in erotic hypnosis audios I listened to. The only “proven” effect I could find in them was that they were unique and such conditioned me in a way