Has anyone felt this way?

I’m someone who has had low self-esteem even before PMO. That crap just made it worse. I’m approaching day 24 and I feel cocky and a tiny bit arrogant. I’m the total opposite of both. I feel like my ego has increased because of semen retention. I am pretty much a Beta male, yet lately I have small hints of Alpha male traits. Anyone feel like this?


Yes, I always get this.
I take the view, when I’m doing well - remember it might be a dark day for someone else.
When you have a bad day, pick yourself up and be kind to yourself like you would your brother.

“Love God with all your might and soul,
And Love your neighbour as yourself”

It’s funny. Christians tend to be kind and compassionate, but when we fall, we are most guilty of beating ourself up.

If we hate our neighbour, we hate ourself.
If we hate ourself, we hate our neighbour.

If we are to Love, Love Universally, because there is no other kind - free from bondage, but a conscious choice to have a bond to God.


That is true bro. Very much so…

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I can’t speak for the science behind semen retention, but I’m very familiar with the massive boost to self-esteem that Nofap gives you.

The trick is to not go too far the other way if you have to reset. Take the time to acknowledge that you are only human, and to praise yourself for however far you got. No victory is wasted, nor is it cancelled out by a defeat.