Has anyone experienced high stress levels in the first 20 days?

Like above. I just relapsed bcs i couldnt handle it.Any tips?

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I experienced high stress levels from day 15 -25 but I combated them by listening to music and eating a little chocolate

If there is no difficulty during our journey then whats the point in doing it. Not everybody can pass this hurdle. Only a mindset of warrior can save you to cross this first month.
You have to go through hell. Now you know then why worry, smile and endure the pain.
At the end of this journey, you know what you have achieved,
You know what you have become, you have become invincible because when you survive hell. You choose pain and suffering over 5 sec. Pleasure. You know you have saved yourself .
You have saved yourself from miseries. Now you are happy all the time with no shame and regret.

You are confident , everyone can see that in your eyes. You are not a common man now. You have become more than that, you are extraordinary, a doear, a believer , a man full of hope and passion. Nothing can stop you now. You are a God


@zlotyguziec before the stress builds up discover an effective way to relieve stress besides fapping. For me I do some simple exercises for about an hour and it seems to help.


I find the best way to deal with it is to work till your gonna drop, then go strait to bed pretty much