Hardmode 90 day challenge

80 days are completed… I am feeling like everyone is opposing me in conversation. But something I talk to real situation and very true. I don’t hesitate to say anything to people. Don’t know what will happens… I am very Courageous… Can do anything… Friends are upset with me because my behaviour they notice is agrasive and different.
I can’t see that anybody to insulte me I replied them very bedly.
Now I decided to be in same way in progressive way of semen retension…
I want to maintain this even if I do sex… Or karreza.
God will help me.
84 days… Every difficulties of life you can easily handle with hardmode… No one can beat you.
Amazing. But you have to work hard on your work and your skills than the result you will see is… Superhuman… I experience it but like a bit.
So focus on your goal with semen retension and fight with the problems with courage… You will win.
God will help all of us.


Question; what’s karreza? I feel what you feel, getting to a high streak will change your behavior and makes you different from the zombie that was always quite and agrees to everything, a zombie that has no opinion… I know how nofap changes you and makes you a living person again. A really good thing :ok_hand: I cant wait to obtain it again, this time better and greater. :muscle:


Karreza is sex without orgasm.

I’m only new on this journey but determined to go for a high streak, I don’t like being weak and placid amongst other things so looking forward to seeing changes.

Congratulations on your achievement, I wouldn’t worry too much about the opinions of others because at the end of the day you are the one living with the changes and outcomes, maybe their opposition is a sign of their own insecurity lol

One of the most independent, secure, well-grounded comments I’ve ever encountered on this forum :sunglasses: :+1::100:

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