Hardest phase in addiction

Guys which phase is the hardest?
1st to 5th day
5th to 10 day
10th-20th day
Or above

The most difficult to survive?


1-5th probably due to the chaser effect. That’s why it’s very hard to get successive high streaks. Beat the chaser effect and you’ve overcome your first hurdle.
The second hurdle would be flatline. When you experience it depends on your previous level of addiction, sometimes you may not experience it at all. It depends.
But don’t go with that mentality. The hardest day is always the day you relapse and feel worthless. Go one day at a time and see the difference. Don’t wory about the future.


The hardest day is today. Yesterday is over. Tomorrow’s challenge isn’t here yet.

I agree with @Ash_Matt, don’t go with that mentality.

But, to answer your question, for me the hardest phase is 5 to 10 days. I think that really just depends on the person.


Harder days also come when a person has crossed many days… like 45 or 90 days…

Because by that time… the libido of our body returns to normal and our sex hormones and organs function normally after following nofap.

This results in random erections and precums…
People consider these as urges and eventually relapse…
Know that these signs(erections and precums after following nofap) are of your body organs and hormones getting back to normal state like how it should be…(not the one which we had of high dopamine state)
These signs means your body has been recovered much now which was damaged by PMO.

Don’t consider these as urges and relapse. Consider these as good signs of your body and know that your body got normal because you followed nofap. And so you have to keep following your nofap journey.


I’d agree with @keepFighting here, the focus should be on today.

From what I have experienced, streaks can be different when it comes to urges and to the biggest extent, it does not depend on physical withdrawls (not watching porn) but mostly on what is happening to you at the moment. I could have a good day just for something to happen, derail me and then I’d end up relapsing. So it’s how we react today.


Very well said here. :clap::clap: @Bashi


When you think that now i got my streak… N your mind will say you that now Porn will not affect you n you choose to watch porn, just to confirm that its not affecting you anymore…
And you will end up doing RELAPSE. :wink::joy::rofl:


In my experience first 30days is the hardest…This is because your brain is slowly adapting the situation of nofap in these phase.After you cross this obstacle their comes the other obstacle which is the flatline …Feeling low all the day no motivation brain fog lots and lots of other stuffs…After This Phase …Yeah you have crossed the victory line And you are free of this addiction

Even after recovery also if you watch porn oncemore then everything will comes again you are again throwed to hell…


This makes so much sense now. I’m at day 107. This past 2 weeks has been full on. Been exeriencing what you’ve said plus boners all the frikn time. It’s been tough and I’ve not had this amount of strong urges since first month of NoFap.
Learning a lot


The perfect answer.
Everything depends upon your mental strength and will power.


Sorry, i didn’t get it.


Correct :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


unique for everybody. for me it’s day 10-20. don’t know why. now i like to tackle every single day, one at a time like @Ash_Matt and @keepFighting said. we really need to look at the addiction from a different perspective.

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