Harder than you think

Just Relapsed after Day 21,

It was a very stressful day… got home and wanted to write about it but i do not know i opened facebook and there are friend suggesstions there… hot women pictures which i clicked on and didnt stop… i had a wetdream last night… i was having sexual dreams for continous 4 or 5 days…

And then i went on youtube and was later masturbating … ejaculated then weep… i am speechless … it is a very hard to push through initial month… my courage breaked today.

I promise myself that i will not masturbate for 2nd time and not to binge watch now…

I must immediately stand up and start again … The rules are clear No Watching No Touching No Thinking… Lets Rise Up Again.
One More Time…
Dont give Up…
Its not over yet…


I thought my fear would go away after 21 days but it didnt thats why i lost my patience.

Sometimes,We lose when we are so close to victory.


I feel you, dude, but guess what, the shameful feelings are temporary and you will come back on track. I believe in you. You got this.

Good luck, stay strong and keep grinding!


Sorry guys… fapped again … 2nd orgasm of the day.

At least don’t fap in married life.


My wife had gone to her home and i know its an excuse but as i have already told … i breaked down today because of my expectations and i need patience …

I want things quick in my life. I am a fool.

Instant gratification at its best. Desperate need for dopamine dose.


Are u the same guy ‘Resurgent’…??

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21 is actually quite big number for me I am addicted since i was 10 or 11 years old & right now I am 28 years

Whenever You Tried To Watch Try To Remember Your Streak & Feeling after you Relapsed & Realization after you done damage

Only These Things Hooking Me Up & this is my 2nd serious try after 4 years
Current Streak Is 62 Days


I dont know what are you talking about !

You are doing good for yourself and others. Cheers for your 68 days.
Glory to you.


Absolutely right @AnkitK . @Courageous You always cheat your family and yourself . Why you don’t live normal life . You are married person and you have responsibility for your married life . It’s not my business to talk in your personal married life . But when you fap मेरा खून जलता है ।


Its 62 Day & I just wanted to tell you that if you keep counting your numbers & remember when you binge or tried to fap , These Numbers These Companion Streaks Will Help You To Prevent You To Relapse
I just gave you my own experience how did I achieve 2months with nofap

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Bhai last time maaf kar de… Sarminda hoon… jo ho chuka usko main badal nahi sakta… abhi main jo hun … uski main full guarantee leta hun…

My Last promise

I will never ever masturbate in my life. Remove me from companion list if i failed again.


Buddy there are so many triggers out there, be careful where you look because it can set it off, ive been close,using the urge button sometimes helps.
Everbody is saying meditation helps i might try it, ive never meditate im my life so this is my first time.
Keep strong my friend.


Takes time my friend. Defeat the trggers and you defeat the act. Let the trigger linger usaully ends up in the act winning.


Remember, you’re not right back to square one, and that it’s just a little hurdle in your path. Keep working on changing how you relate to your environment, and never beat yourself! You’re doing awesome.

I fell yesterday and last week - both very briefly over YouTube.
That ain’t gonna tempt me to feel shit :wink::+1:

#NoFeelShitty - avoid triggers