Hard on issues (or lack there of)

Before I talk about my issue… Here is some information about me.
I’m 22 now.
I started pmo when I was 14/15. Usually 1 a day. I quickly moved on from p*rn to RP. During my uni days(17-20), my pmo per day increased. Sometimes 2 times per day for week, rarely 1 or 2 weeks without pmo and Twice every 6 month or so, I would have a overkill, doing 4-5 pmo per day.

I tried stopping it cold turkey and failed. Obviously. I have been lowering my pmo frequency and for the past year I have been doing pmo-ing once every 3 week or 1 month. Longest streak was something around 59/60 days. When I replapse, I give up for 2-3 days and pmo 3 times before starting no fap. I’m on my day 32 now and I’m planning to continue this forever. I’m confident that I can go for it.

The question I have is… I’m not getting as much hard ons as I have expected. I rarely have wet dreams. It nearly happened once when I was on my 60 days streak, which was 2/3 months ago. I don’t get strong morning woods. This time, it took me 25 days of hard no fap to feel some morning wood.

Is it normal? Does it mean nothing? Am I suffering from something worse? Would a normal person get morning woods during no fap? I’m planning to do at least 150 days of no fap. Will that be even enough to reset my sex drive and other stuff?

Other info which might be related-

I’m living in a red zone, Corona infections are high and I just couldn’t find proper work out space. I have gained weight in the past 6 months. Would losing weight help the healing?


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


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