Hard mode for married couples?

I am curious, let’s say a man or woman is married and is addicted to porn, should they do hard mode - with no sex with their spouse - in order to overcome?

I think that’s hard… Maybe if they know the problem and the spouse understand the situation.
I’m married… I’m not in the hard mode. But against the porn I’m on the day 70 … And it’s work good for me

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Doesn’t make sense to me… Why would you want to do that?

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Marriage is an institution for making a family.
So, for having a baby SEX is must.
Forget porn & fuck your spouse.

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This would only make sense in the case of a serious sex addiction not just porn addiction.


If you are addicted to thw point where most of your focus is on sex, then yes its the only right thing to do, definetly when you notice its bad or ruining your relationship or life then I would go for hardmode.