Happy new year in AdvancešŸ„³šŸ„³

Happy new year everyone here in this forum.

This year was very bad but taught us the real meaning of life and death.

And the guest of 2021 is covid 20( my classmate is suffering from that)


I beg to differ. This year was not all bad. I leant a lot of things, discovered RC app, got my first 50+ day streak, met a lot of new friends (including some on Rewire Companion), was able to pursue two of my dreams, became more outgoing and so on.

Whether this year was good or bad, thatā€™s just a matter of perspective. Thereā€™s so much all of us should be grateful for. :smiley:

Happy new year, stay awesome and flame on :fire:


For me it was very bad. Some of my very close people lost their livesšŸ„²


Happy new year brother.
Losing people is a very tough thing. Itā€™s not the best feeling. But weā€™re alive, and they would want us to make the best of our lives to tell the story once we leave this earth too.
I wish you well brother. If you ever need to talk, I am here.
God bless.


Thx buddy for the support.:heart:

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It happens brother. Like brother @Yitzchak it is a phase of life too. I wish you all the best brother- Iā€™ll also be praying for you.


happy new year in advanced! :partying_face: :crossed_fingers:
im sure this is the year where we will say "finally, im cured from this disease (pmo)"


Happy new year in advance brother !
In 2021, I promise to fulfill all my responsibilities as a student and become the best version of myself.
And I wish you all the best my friends !


Happy new year bro. My year was not as bad, because I met you my bro @StealthChopperinbond , so thank you for making this year better for me. I also thank everyone here on this forum and wish everyone a wonderful year ahead. Keep fighting. You are not alone.


Thank you and Wish you the same buddy :slight_smile:

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