HappinessIsInOurHands my diary [M] [24]

Two times in my life that I stopped PMO for a decent strike, one of them when I was studying for finals of high school, after that I became a medical student (now I am a doctor) my result was 97%, and the other time I was so overwhelmed by college classes and I stopped PMO for 60 days and I passed every single exam that I headed to,
you can do unimaginable things with just stopping this habit…
think of what really counts. few seconds of non-satisfying fake happiness. or few years that REALLY count as happiness all over…
I am now on a 6 day strike… going for 600… and maybe more. only God knows.
I am tired of wasting so many time and effort on something that never counts.
24 years are more than enough for me to take over my life for good… and become the person I really want to be.
Thank you for reading. I hope I made just a little difference in you. keep it up. have a peaceful mind all the time.
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just passed 13 days…
I just can’t describe how much better I feel… here are some of the main things:
1- I feel super optimistic about almost everything in life. everything seems so… easy… and reachable.
2- Concentration is at a whole new level right now. I see things way clearer…
3- I wake up at the morning (5:30 AM) without feeling tired or sleepy. and I sleep very easily (not like day 3 or 4).
4- I have much more things to think about and do now that I have more time and effort to spend.
5- desperation can get to you, but it is not that difficult anymore to kick it away.
6- I used to drop things (phones, glasses, tools) now I definitely feel I have a better grip.
7- Meditation is just a small word to describe the feeling you get when you do it… there are a lot of free apps on play store… go check them out (I use Headspace).
8- Walking feels more natural. I feel confident, clear, happy, and alive.
9- I finally feel the happiness of the true life… you really can find it in any aspect of your life, you just need to quit this poor habit and live the way you are intended to. it is so easy when you have plans. TRUST ME.
10- Organization of time is a lot easier now, thanks to the app Timetune.
11- now I kinda feel I can really do anything in my life… I am in control now… I wonder what it feels when I hit the 30 days mark… I am quite curious.
Trust me it is totally worth to stay away from this. oh and you definitely can do it, no matter how many times you have relapsed before.