Happiness and gratitude as example

During the last weeks, I realized that happiness is all around us.
I want to share an example of two points of view about yesterday. My current few and the few I woulf have had 2 weeks ago.

So, yesterday was great. I woke up next to my girlfriend. After she left I had a great studying session, In the afternoon I went to the climbing gym for an hour. My mum was gone with the car so I took the bicycle, the air was nice and cool and the sun shone in my face :slight_smile:, I entered the gym and people whom I can call friends where smiling when they saw me entering. Even with my fractured rib I was able to have fun for some time. Afterwards I had an amazing dinner followed by another great studying session.

Following is how I would have seen yesterday 2 weeks ago.
I woke up way too early. due to some issues we weren’t able to have sex, I had to kick her out because I had to study. Lunch was meeeh. I wanted to go to the gym but my mum had taken the car. So, I wasted 20min riding to the gym by bike. It was way too crowded and due to my fractured rib I wasn’t able to boulder for more than 30min. After dinner I felt sick but never the less had to learn for my exams.

You can see. The same day, two totally different points to see it. That’s what I mean when I say, happiness is all around us. We just have to except it.

(sure, each day has negative things. There are days where in total the negative things are heaver than the happy things. But nevertheless, there is no day where happiness isn’t around us. My meditation app suggest to see happiness as the blue sky. There can be clouds, but we have to know that behind the clouds there is always blue sky)

Feels good after reading. Keep it up.

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