Hands Free Ejaculation?

Hey everyone, I wish to get an opinion on this. I’m 27 days in now but something odd happened this morning which I never experienced before. I was laying on my bed slightly tired and starting to think sexual thoughts but without touching myself and halfway through thinking I ejaculated. No touching, no rubbing it or anything, just came out on it’s own. I’m very confused about this and can anyone tell me is this considered relapse or not?

I think this happened because of ur penus rubbing to ur pants u were trying to press it for the erection to go away but maybe it worked opposite u shoud not consider a relapse because u didnt intentionally do it

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Well, I am not sure about that but it might be that your body just needed to release… Like a wet dream, but without actually dreaming.

Honestly, I wouldn’t count it as a relapse, especially considering that you didn’t touch yourself

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