Half awaken mind

Hi Brothers,

I want to ask you about your experience in the following issue. I’m on my 7th day. The last 2 mornings I had the same thing. I probably had some erotic dreams, but I didn’t really remember to it, it’s just the feeling but I think it’s true because I while I’m not fully awaken, you know, just halfway there. When you start to get your consiousness fully back to be controlled. For me it’s like 2-3 minutes, but these 2 days I had it the same way. These minutes were full with sexual desires. I think it’s bad to start the days off like this. It makes it harder to focus. On weekdays I have an alarm set off at 5:50am and I am forced to wake quickly. But on weekends I let a little more sleep and only set the alarm for 8am. Both of these days I woke before the alarm went off, so I guess my process of waking up was slower and my subconciousnes tried to force me back on my bad habits to get it’s dose of dopamine already while I’m not fully in control. I don’t want to set the alarm sooner on weekends because job and life has been really stressful for me lately and I feel the need to rest for 8 hours at least on weekends.
Do you guys experience the same? Do you have a way to fight it? Or it will also fade away by time as I keep going?



Just chill. Erotic dreams that happen without erotic thoughts while awake are no problem. Have a good sleep. Dont force yourself out of a dream. Sleep is important for recovery and willpower. If you happen to remember a dream, just ignore it and dont concentrate on it.

If u have a wet dream… Celebrate… You had a natural orgasm. Excess semen is out. You are stable and relaxed. AND YOUR STREAK IS INTACT!!!.
Also dont go looking for having wetdream… The anticipation will risk a relapse.
Just chill. Guard your eyes and thoughts… Have a good sleep.

Whatever happens in your dream, stays in your dream. :joy:


Hey @Duran , I fee u man. I get what u are saying. All I can say is it gets better. Don’t worry. But fuckin never stop trying. What u said abt subconscious is very very true. I am glad tha u have analized it. Cause 1st way out of any addiction is ryt understanding. Yea man deam self is more true than waking self. In waking self u have a society conditioned duran mask, in dream self that mask is dissolved. Ur true self is out. I have an imp feedback for u. There are two states hypnopompic and hypogogic , these are the states before sleeping and just before being awake. Where u can put suggestions bwhich ur subconscious can absorb more deeply. In waking state it has lot of resistance to good autosuggestion. And abt the weekends u need to stick to ur routine bro, until ur subconscious is atleast partly under ur control . Keep at it bro !!


Do you guys experience the same?: Yes in my case
Do you have a way to fight it? Or it will also fade away by time as I keep going?: For me the more days I am staying away from pmo the better my mental state which is dependent on night falls. So answering your question,keep going time this will pass


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