Had Ejaculation while sleeping

Yesterday i had a erotic dream and i ejaculated while i was asleep. In my dream i saw that i peed myself but when i woke up it wasn’t pee.

So would this be counted as relapse? Would i lose all the benefits? I am on Day 6 btw . Looking forward to insights from experienced people. Thanks


Sounds to me you had a wet dream a natural release of sexual tension. This is not a relapse as this is natural and out of your control. You will be fine


Okay thanks for your help

You won’t lose mental clarity and all because of a nightfall, you might feel somewhat weak and might experience some urges the very next day of nightfall, else it’s normal, everyone on no fap experiences this.


Thanks for the update

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No, brother… you don’t need to count it as relapse since it is uncontrollable.

I am on day 45 but morning i also got wet dream. I will not reset my streak.

Suppose you are on 200 day… would you count from day one if you would get a wet dream or nightfall? Never.

Benefits will remain same, because there is not our conscious intention. Little bit weakness but you can recover it by taking protien diet.


It’s a cleansing process of the older thoughts in mind… just relax and let go, it’s not a relapse, u r becoming stronger…just that after night fall, next day have some nutritious foods and drink lots of water. As long as you stay clean (also intentionally), never doubt the process.


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