Habits Academy...🏆 [Academy Always open for Everyone]

Welcome to the Challenge @Enu
I am happy that you would like to join in this challenge

You have full right to change your habits until the challenge starts …
So, decide those habits which you’re confident about it that you will not be inconsistent in that habit.

My opinion on these is easier habit you choose in the beginning more consistent you’ll be… More number of habits will become burden someday.

Anyhow it’s all depends on you… How you wanna change your life.


Okay @The_wild_perception
Think twice and update… Anyhow it’s will mold/change your life.

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Add me too please, here are my 4 points:

  1. No PMO for 31 days
  2. Read every day
  3. Go to bed early every day
  4. achieve my work goals on a daily basis

My code 02smqw

I’m sorry but I’m new, I don’t know what else I have to do … if you can guide me I would be immensely grateful!


Notice for Everyone :point_down:

Those who are writing habits either 4 or 5,
Kindly be more specific in your habits more it clearer to me… More I can help…!!

For example:-
One who is writing the habit of waking up early or sleeping early if they don’t write time then they are lying to themselves giving themselves an excuse to wake up late…
So, it’s better to write time", either you’re doing exercise, meditation or study or reading anything…
And for self help book reading "kindly write name of book everytime when you start reading new book."

If you write i try to achieve goal… How do I know which goal you are trying to persue?

Kindly write more clearer about your habits, and think twice before decide any habits…


Kindly be more specific which goal you’re talking about?

Or all these habits you decide to continue is it for monthly challenge or weekly?

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@Adioz_aka_Adidas list of my Habits -
I would like to switch from 7 days to 30 days !
• Wake Up early before 6 30 am
• Eat healthy and Quickly within 15 min
• Meditation for 5 min
• Nofap for 30 days
• Sleep Early before 12 am
• Study daily for 6 hours (3 in the morning and 3 in evening).

Count me in, preparation begins today,
To become the best tomorrow!


@rewire_user kindly read this post carefully

If you don’t understand, or have doubt…ask me

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I like to join brother!
Sharing code : wl3ug3
Habits :

  1. No PMO for 30 days (by the way my current streak is 07 )

  2. Waking up and sleep yearly :
    Wake up time : 5:00Am
    Sleep time : 11:20pm


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Welcome to the Challenge @jason_wikky20
I am happy that you would like to join in this challenge

Here only weekly and monthy challenge available.
So it’s either 7days or direct 30/31 days.

Kindly tell me are you going for monthly challenge or weekly? As you mentioned nopmo for 30days same way … what about other habit?

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All for a month brother @Adioz_aka_Adidas

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Habits Updated for @The_wild_perception

  • Waking Up Early - 6:30 am
  • Meditation for 10 minutes (I also do affirmations during this
  • Studying 6+ hours
  • No sugar, No junk food
  • No spending money (below 1000 bucks for month)

Before starting the Challenge i would like you to read the 1st post of the thread and this :point_down: again if anyone didn’t read yet…
@Ishida @Enu @rewire_user @The_wild_perception
@mikelez @Meeeei_channnn

One who read this :point_up_2: already ignore this


If anyone fails in single habit -1points… You have to be consistent in all habits.
If anyone fails to do it on time do it at anytime in same day.

How you have to check in here?

Checking In… Day 1/7or 30days
:heavy_check_mark: waking up early and sleep time
Only If you wake up/sleep on given time.
:heavy_check_mark: meditation & affirmation
No worries if you do more than given time.
:heavy_check_mark: study 5hrs
Atleast 5hrs must be there either you do anytime in a day
:heavy_check_mark: Nofap Clean day without relapse(no peeking/edge/pmo)

(Everyone should do that… :point_up_2:
I won’t go anyone’s diary to check whether they did that habit or not)


Hey Everyone… :wave:

CHALLENGE STARTED GUYS :confetti_ball: :tada:



I will update with time and everything tomorrow for sure !
Being busy tonight!

Challenge starts , Best of Luck Guys!



Hey Companions :-

My sharing code:- 5okgss

Here is my list for weekly challenge:

  • Waking Up Early - 7am or before
  • Meditation for aleast 5 minutes.
    As I am totally a beginner in this habit.
  • I will write 5 Affirmation/Gratitude in my diary daily.
  • Book Reading (SLIGHTLY EDGE by Jeff Olson)
    Everyday for atleast for 30min.

Brother, I did edited that post !
Count me in !

:white_check_mark: Woke Up before 6 am

Let’s get this done !
Let’s make good habits and eradicate the bad ones !

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Btw I don’t wanna Compare myself with anyone

Today I wake up at 3:20am… :alarm_clock:

Without any alarms.
1st task :white_check_mark:

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@mikelez did you relapsed bro?
Don’t worry
Just focus on other habits which must go well.

@rewire_user did you relapse bro?

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