Habit challenge on 15 dec stay tunned

I am going to open a new group for builting habit along with no fap if anyone who wanna help me plzzz… The group challenges will start from 15 dec … in which we would have some trick rules with simple habit change like going to sleep at 10daily doesnt matter what u are doing .or studing / reading 1 book or eliminating sugar. we would start small and increase the hardness of habit change … The first challenge would be a simple one drink 3 4 liter water daily / sleep on time u have to do 1 of this or u can do both also after 5/10 days u have to tell how u feel and reason and we will try to find a solution for the guys who cant then after 30 days u will have to continue this habit more for 60 days if u did it i think u can go with that habit for life time … after total 90 days u have report how many days u skip … and what u will do…to improve it… every 30 days new habit challenge would be added … 1st is only 15 days because of month end … but it would be continue till 30 jan sooo stay tunned … i have talked with @Resurrection about it … i think he agreed …my exam are till13 so i cant open group now…if u like u can start now to get a good grip 5 days before soo u dont fail in between 2 skip would be allowed … stay tunned on 15 dec morning i will post 1st challenge Good luck if u are interested… U will removed if u fapped in between … recommended only for 30 + ppl u can still complete the challenge if u wanna make a good habit


i am throwing the 1st challenge to all participants

Do morning walking daily
Rules for this challenge :

  1. To complete this challenge, the participant has to go for a morning walk atleast 21 days out of 30 days.
  2. He has to report on days when he goes. Example : december month 2/30 times gone for walking…

Good luck.

I will go after my exam