Gym on No Fap any advice?

I really want to go to the gym and put on some good muscle like a Hugh Jackman or Bruce Lee type of physique, I’ve never been the biggest guy although I’m a really tall person around 6 ft 1 about 11 stone in pounds, my whole life I’ve been the same waist size since secondary.

I do sports like Chinese Kickboxing twice a week achieved my 1st don at 21, I do 20 press ups and sit ups in a row every morning since I was about 12, I’ve done 3 laps jogging in a row, I’ve went gym before in the process applied for both members at the time in my area and my uni, I’ve taken advice from videos online and people I’ve tried to eat actual HEALTHY food with carbs and iron in it like steak, potatos, corn beef, baked chicken, I’ve done 10 reps of 5 each on the bar, used the rowing machines for 20 minutes (and trust me that’s an achievement for some who can’t even pass 5), I’ve done quad lifts I’ve tried to put on muscle so many times but the results have never been that prominent.

I believe since I have this intense energy I should apply for the gym and out it to good use on my body but I just need to know the right way.

People keep telling me to gain weight to put on excess mass amount of calories then excercise but when I’ve tried to eat a lot for months nothing…my metabolism is very high and no that’s not an excuse because it really is whenever I eat everything has no effect and I usually speedwalk everywhere to work or when I meet up with people, the funny thing is I’m a very active person and nothing active is happening to my physique so any advice to people who clang and bang seriously in the Gym?

Multiple thoughts come to my mind:

  • About gaining weight
    I always had the problem too, that I couldn’t gain weight even thought I ate a lot. (I was always underweighted and wanted to gain 15pounds).
    In my case this was due to mental problems. Once I did sort them out I gained weight (even though I stick to the same diet.)
  • About muscle gain
    I guess there are also body types which just don’t tend to gain muscle volume and instead go for stronger muscles but less bulky.
    I always was the type who goes to the gym ones and the muscles explode. Friends of mine just don’t seem to gain muscle volume. This could be just a genetic thing and doesn’t mean that you are stronger if you have large bulky muscles. In fact, many of the lean type friends are stronger than I am. Muscle strength and muscle volume are separate things.
  • Overtraining
    That you don’t gain muscles could also be due to overtraining. Hitting the gym too often negates the whole effect and you get weaker with time (I had a period where I trained for squash 6-7 times a week and I got worse and worse.
    After a hard workout the body needs 2-3 days of rest before you should do a strength workout again
  • What do you train for?
    I heard many people telling me they can’t do this, can’t eat that or can’t come because they need to train. My question is always: What do you train for?
    There are really only two expectable answers to this. You train for a certain project / competition or you just enjoy working out.
    Why do you need bulky muscles? Isn’t it enough to be and feel strong? From what you state you already are quite strong.
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Same case here ((Very high metabolism)) … I’m in my 8th month at the Gym (but I’m doing gym and calisthanics) and now I’ve stopped looking for size as soon as I’m seeing progress in strength … I’ve also built lean muscles… You just have to focus on your training and sqeeze the muscles to feel the contraction of the muscle each rep and try to stay in caloric surplus and be patient (( Don’t expect to progress at size as fast as a person has low or medium metabolism))

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Yeah I want decent results and once I get them just sustain the way they are, yeah I’m an actor/performer and I realise in that type of entertainment world a lot of the actors keep very fit and healthy, I’m also trying cut out my extra habits like eating sweets, chocolate, crisps e.t.c