Guys suggest me some good app like this app

I found this app on play store just before 10 days…and it changed my thinking and my way of lifestyle…
First of all, I was thinking that I was the only one facing such emotional problems…but after interacting with you all, my depression got reduced…

I promise that I will always use this app regularly…

Pls suggest me some other useful apps like this with which we can interact with wise and disciplined people…like this app

Add me as your companion

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Super bro…

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Actually website is better than app. Try both.

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If joined there, then share me your name.
My name is Deva Nivas

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My name is fearless soul bro

Bro user name not available…

7 Today irruku laa …touch that.
Go inside ,there Deva Nivas irrukum


Bro varla bro…

Check now again…

Naa search friends la poi thedunen…adhula unga per mattum varla…

Bro started following…u

Me too da… I also just joined…

Oh kk bro…nice app

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Apps are good but books are amazing it’s like excercise for your intellect there are few apps that provide most of books in pdf format and are free or very nominal cost or have free 30 days trails you’ll find many suggestions for books on this app itself if you search I use a app called smart e book download u can check it out


Goodreads(in playstore)… There too you connect with people if you are a reader,it helps.

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@Fearless.soul Habitica
Have the same username Ash_Matt there
You can PM me there. I’m also a member of the Anti Porn guild there.

Conqrdself website is good too.