Guys please any one help me

Hey , guys i have been here last year .

Guys i am trying no fapp from 1.5 years

I started doing it in feb last year but i am not able to do it

I have just relapsed 2 times

Each and every day i relapsed

My last streak was 33 days

From then i am not able to do it .

Guys any one please talk to me

Please help me

I am distroyed guys

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Read easypeasy (
Focus on your vision in life and go after it. Porn is a kind of pleasure and when we suffer because our lives are meaningless we use the pleasure as a buffer against the suffering.
Find a meaning to sustain you so you. If you havent already, reading easypeasy is a very valuable tool to quit initially. After that you have to consciously go after your dream to fill the void porn left behind.

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Bro i have tried and done everything but its not going bro. . Its not going away

And its also not going away beacause of my some problems .

Bro if you like to hear what problems i have , then you may feel easy to help me

have you read it completely?

Yes Bro i have read it completely

Earler i had two rewire companion on my teligram .

Both of them gave up till now bit i am here

Asking for help from this deadly addiction

But no one is helping me , no one

stop crying
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