Guys need urgent help. Please Guys it's urgent

Hello guys,
Needed urgent advice and help from you guys. I have been suffering from erectile dysfunction from many years. Even if I watch porn… I feel difficult to keep the penis erect even for a single minute.
Last week when I tried to have sex with my girl. My dick got soft like a rubber and after that I couldnot penetrate her. This really made me feel depressed about my health.
Before sex, I followed nofap for 18 days but then also. It didn’t help me.
What should I do now guys? Really in a depressed mood now. Please help me. Needed urgent help.


Have patience you can check a doctor or you can abstain for a long time to get results it’s not one day thing that it will make you fit. It takes time, patience and unstressful mindset in less time. And don’t watch porn dude what does good it do for you?


What is your age?

I would only say that do running and exercise every day, take good food and consult a doctor.


I am of 25.

I am doing exercise too. I fear it does no more harm to my mental peace.

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Yes bro.

Porn i have completely stopped. I watched it to check if it got normal. Will continue for a 90 days streak this time. Lets see wht. Happens. Any exercise you will like me to follow or do.


Bro, Firstly just relax and believe that you will be fine… Your dopamine receptors has been fried up due to porn that’s the reason it is happening like this which is absolutely temporary and you will be fine in just few days, so relax.
Now to begin with, for few days stop lifting weights or doing gym exercise, completely stop that for few days if you are doing it, also stop running, do only walking for few days and do only and only YOGA for few days, specially Cobra pose, All Asans of Suryanamaskar, Dhanurasan, Naukasan, Paschimotanasan, Butterfly pose, Matsyedrasan, Chakrasan, Veerasan, Shavasan, and few Pranayams like Kapalbhaati, Anulom Vilom, Omkar, Bhramari. You will be 100% fine and infact become more stronger and firmer and with stamina after few days (thank me later bro, and all glory to God).
Drink loads of water, Do cold shower daily.
Take proper sleep and just believe that it’s temporary and you will be fine soon…You need to give urself time atleast for 45-50 days of Hard mode NOFAP and Semen Retention. No PMO at all, not even to test yourself (NEVER EVER TEST YOURSELF TO CHECK IF YOU ARE NORMAL BY PORN), just let your body and brain reboot and you will become strongest man of all time. Believe bro and Do follow above steps for few days, only Yoga, lots of water, cold shower. God bless.


Thank you so much bro. Will. Definitely follow these steps. Hope I will. Get recover soon.

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