Guys im facing delayed ejaculation any help

Hello guys im facing a big problem in my life i started masturbating wen i was 11 now im 27
Im addicted to masturbation and i nolonger cum when im having sex with my girlfriend to the extent that i finish with my hand all the time
This is stressing me im on day2 Now my goal is 30days I wanna see if i go back to being normal this issue has affected me for years
Has anyone faced this problem before and how did u overcome it i need help

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Of course warrior
Now stand up straight and face the thunder, stare at him and say: “I’m not afraid of the thunder, I am the storm :fire:
Don’t fear Porn or Masturbation, let them fear you.

In this Nofap you will experience lots of Urges but after beating each urge you become stronger and stronger. Remember the old you? Yes, that kid who used to run and play and smile and uses his full brain potential? That’s what Nofap will do to you.

And Now, I want you to continue your journey :fire: to reach the top and achieve your goal.
But don’t look at the top of the mountain and miss the little bombs on the ground and trip over them because you weren’t paying attention to the little obstacles.

Instead, focus on each step and each day along the way and you will be at the top in No time.

Just win over one day at a time.

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