Guys i need help

So i have relapsed after 14 days and i noticed my semen had some blood … i tried again and there was still blood . Pls someone explains


Shit man
I have never experienced anything like this
Suggestion from my side : consult a doctor as soon as possible
Take care

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The problem is i live with my mom and im 16 so i cant tell her about this thing . I really hope this is normal . Because its the first time it happend after my longest streak . Im starting to think that my body isnt compatible with no fap

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Okay for now wait for other persons reply
I dont know if its normal or not
If through other persons reply it is found normal then its fine
If not normal
Then its better to tell mom than something wrong happening with u
Stay strong


Hey again basically . I had to fap again because i had to and thank god now my semen got its original color . But i had to fap i had no choice. Ofc i will stay strong and i will not fap again


@satanicboi99 Hey good to hear that you have normal semen :blush: but I would suggest you to consult this thing with doctor :man_health_worker: as I don’t have this type of problem in my entire life :worried: I have streak more than 500 days but never faced this type issue . I think you should consult ones with your doctor


Thanks for the advice but no i googled and did my research and its normal to find a little blood in semen . I guess when i came 3 times i got my original color . Btw r u on 500 days streak ?

No currently I’m on 16 Days :pleading_face: I crossed 576 Days streak last year but due to family problems I was stressed a lot and trapped into this cycle again but this time I will be out of this addiction…. I know one thing that I can and I will :crossed_fingers: you can’t recover from this addiction in One-Day but One-Day you will be recovered from this addiction

i get that brother…

check this out.

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