Guys i am in stress can someone help

Guys i am in a stress . can someone help ??

I have had some nasty tough battles with stress management.:slight_smile:
The first thing to keep in the mind is that it is not a thing that can be mastered overnight. It’s an art, a skill that takes time, practice, and insight to master. But, the good thing is we all can learn it. PATIENCE is the one-word answer to your problem. You need to be patient and determined to go through whatever comes your way. This journey of life is not a short sprint where whoever runs fast wins, but rather it’s a marathon where the person who can show endurance no matter what comes his way, only succeeds.
Good luck buddy :dove::heart:


Bro i want to express that from what stress i am suffring right now

Do you wanna listen and support me ??

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I got your back buddy I’m listening

Ok then the problem is that …

Tommorow is my exam and i am not prepared

And the other thing is that… I have got involved into a fight indirectly

Actually the problem was…

6 people started the fight from months ago

And all the 5 was on one side and the 6th one was on one side …

The 6 one asked me to give him what ever negative or abuses they are taking about him on wattasapp

So by mistake i gave him that

Now all the five started to ask him …who informed you about the masseges

So the 6 one said … One among from you only gave me this information

Now the whole class is fighting because of me

So i got disturbed and i dint got time to prepare for my exam

So the good news is … The all 5 still dont know who informed the 6th one about what they are taking on a group about him

They dont know that i played all the game

Now today all class members are fighting with each other because of me .

So i am in stress and dint get time to prepare for the exam

Another thing is that … I also have a chance to skip this exam for tommorow and give the second exam exelently on day after tommorow

So what should i do now ??

Should i leave the exam tomorrow??

Well, If I was you, I will fix one problem then the other:
Exam: you should read ( what you need to know for the exam ) as much as possible to get a clear idea about it.
The fight: well, that depends on your friends :sweat_smile: if they are ok you should explain everything to them to end this problem once and for all and stress will finally fade away.
If they are :japanese_ogre: well then do not tell anything cause that might disable your relationship with your friends and then you will suffer not from stress but from anxiety wich is more dangerous.


But the syllabus is so huge bro . how can i finish it up in some hours?? And the stress in on the next level :face_with_thermometer:

What’s done is done you can not go back in time so try and try your best to prepare it with the time that you have.
Close that phone of yours, and let me tell you a technique: say 5 4 3 2 1 go!!
Your brain will automatically believe that there is no turning back and he must do it. Mark the most important ideas you do not need details cause they take to much of your time. Sleep long enough before the exam cause your body and mind need rest. Be confident and go nail that test champ.

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Sorry to say bro. But cant nail that test bro .
Its too late now :sweat_smile: sylabus is out of my capability and the stress will do its job.

Then i have another habbit to wake up full night and go to speep at morning so cant sleep right now

That was just motivation :joy::joy:

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Do not say that just do what you can

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I need a sleep to overcome my stress .

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Good you khew it by your self :heart_eyes:

When you feel to tired go to sleep :+1:

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