Guys! First Nightfall

From last week, I was having some sleep problems. I wasn’t able to sleep peacefully after 11pm. I practice meditation in the morning but i don’t know why during night, I become turbulent and riddled with anxiety. I usually go to sleep at 11:30 but automatically due to discomfort I wake up around 5:30 and 6. But then i forcefully sleep till 6:30 ! But then the discomfort is so much that I wake up after that. Then i get little bit sleepy around 4:30pm during class! So from some days I was going through this. And today I was also having discomfort from 5:30 in the morning ! I don’t know I just felt my hand was little wet. I noticed it few times and I ignored that I might have sweat! But then when I finally woke up and realised my pant is wet! I firstly check the bed! It wasn’t! My pants are wet due to semen like fluid! But it isn’t white and thick as semen! It’s not thick and it’s more like transparent! Last thing I remember is I had a dream I think of I don’t know whether it was peeing or orgasm! But not any por* ! I think it’s a nightfall! I am feeling little bit week , not that much but little! Iam on day 57!
Is this normal ?


Having nightfall? Yes, it’s totally normal, and it’s obvious it won’t appear as normal semen since it probably was already dry when you checked, I’mma say I’m a bit surprised that this is your first nightfall since the beginning of your journey, I had mine at 31 days or so, and I’ve had another ones later. I think it’s different depending on the person.

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Yeah i think so!
I had erotic dreams many times but it never went till orgasm but this happened first time !

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Try reading some articles and pages online about it! It’s pretty common so you’ll find them right away!