Guided meditation - best app STOP URGES

So, Hi! Ive had a look at some apps and rlly like Headspace but I just dont want to have to spend the money.
Any suggestions for FREE or possibly amazing meditation apps that you like?
Thank you :smiley: and I wish you all well on this journey .

I am doing meditation without spending a coin.

Just before sleeping… sit down & close your eyes. Leave the rest to god.

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Insight Timer is a useful one as it lets you set periodic alarms in the form of customizable Tibetan bells. Haven’t used it in a while though, and never used it for the guided meditations on it.

You could search YouTube for some guided meditations that work for you. There are some good ones to deal with panic, anxiety etc., though I have not personally seen any that deal with sexual urges.

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Look for Lojong. I use it in the Portuguese version and it’s totally free. Maybe it has the English version.


(Google translator)

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I am using Insight Timer, it is for free and it has a lot of very good guided meditations and even free meditation courses - an amazing app :slight_smile: