Guide lines will always be updating more :)

Cold showers:

many people have told you taking showers is great while that might be true, you must always look at the your environment lets say for example you live in cold regions you might want to consider the fact that if you take that cold shower and go out side you might get sick soo I say you take a cold shower when you know you will be Inside the for awhile.

Food: stay away from milk and sugar, milk contains too much hormones like estrogen and even pus! Yes that’s true, sugar can help trigger you if you are a beginner and fail easily look for other alternatives or just quit sugar :blush: you don’t need it boys/girls.

What am I looking at on daily basis:

Be cautious and mindfull about what you watch if you are serious about this journey I recommend you watch DIY videos and just creative things on youtube that is even on Instagram because this apps use ALGORITHMS what you like and watch will be recommended to you on your feed soo again be very mindful my warriors

I will update more gd.