Guess what happend

So i was walking in the hallway today in school like everyday and a girl was talkin to someone then turned around to me and looked me in the eyes and said." You look awsome " i didnt know what to say so i went on and said "Hi , Thanks"
and then smiled and went on walking and im. Telling you that girl is goergous so keep on going that nofap attracting girls shit Is REAL !


Same here, I was at a 2 week streak and suddenly the popular girl of our college noticed me and said " you look different today " as a compliment. I mean I have talked to her before but that was the first time she noticed me and gave a comment. :heart_eyes:


Write down somethings you could say so your ready for next time, I’m glad your seeing results. :grinning:

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Thats great man. Dont give up

Its real as heaven! Man

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Yes; it is Real.
Girls will definately smell our positive manly aura. And it works like a magnet.