Guard your frame


If your 5 closest friends are entrepreneurs, you will be the sixth.

If your 5 closest friends are drunkards, you will be the sixth.

If your 5 closest friends are fit, you will be the sixth.

Be the right sixth.

Choose the right 5.



Yea, I have heard this many times. That’s why it is important to choose like minded people


Nope a dimond wont change its nature when its placed with different metals, stones, etc.

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Just like plastic doesnt mix in the soil and become soil even if it stays for century

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You are right, we have to be selective.

And what is your point please

A person wont change because of friends whom he hangs with.
Its only him that can change himself

There is nothing bad in learning things the hard way.

If the people in your circle don’t inspire you, they’re not your circle. They’re your cage - Andrew Tate

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Exactly, imagine having 5 friends who are so passionate about gym, and you want to tell me that you will not develop interest in gym? Or go to gym one day?.

The truth is that, sometimes we want to shy away from the truth to fit our narratives.

Yeah i will go to gym not because of my friends but because it’s a effective and healthy way get in shape and stay fit
And now imagine if them friends were passionate about killing people like contract killer or terrorist would you have developed the interest to do the same